Ione Citrin - Contemporary visionary paintings of the world trade center tragedy 911
Ione Citrin - Contemporary Artist, Painter - World Trade Center Tragdey
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world catastrophes
Ione - Contemporary Artist, Painter - World Catastrophes oil and pastel paintings

Ione Citrin video showing her representational artworks and paintings

Click image to view video of Ione Citrin showing her world catastrophe artworks (will load full size in a new browser window).  Note that this is a 2.7MB .wmv file and thus requires Windows Media Player (which is installed by default on all Windows machines).

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"My only response to destruction is to create".

In some small way I hope these paintings I've created out of my sense of urgency provoked by the evil acts perpetuated against our great country on September 11, 2001 convey the sensations of terror, horror and sadness felt by all humanity.

It is inconceivable to me that a person(s) could hold such hate for his fellow human beings as to purposely invent monumental destruction of innocent people. We must all be brave in the face of this disaster and vow that this horrific deed should never be forgotten or repeated in any form anywhere in the world.

NEW!! Prophecy

20" high x 17" wide
mixed media

Prophecy mixed media
"Prophecy" - "They" didn't realize that "It" had finally happened. Their elders had predicted this event generations ago. The tribe had songs and dances telling of the explosion of the mountain and all the ensuing tragedies. Every year they would pray and think about making certain preparations in case this happened; but they never did. They really didn't know how, and had such a difficult life providing for themselves and their families, that anything extra for something so far fetched seemed a waste of good time. So they lived their daily lives...birthing, dying, laughing, crying, and looking with wonder at the huge mountain towering off in the distance. Every sundown and every morning at sunrise they would honor their gods with prayer, and always within the prayers were chants to save them from the evil volcano.

This afternoon, hell opened up and the devil finally got his way. The volcano erupted and a huge spew of flame and ash began to cover their beloved island. They ran, they knew not where, frantically searching for some safe place. However, there was no "safe place" on this island. Some fell, exhausted, and waited for death. Others became delirious running in circles. It was just a matter of time until the flames and molten lava would cover them and their island. The prophecy of their ancestors was finally coming true. All were doomed.

What they didn't know was that their small disaster was just a minute example of what the entire world was simultaneously experiencing. Just as predicted, "The button" had been pressed and life on this planet would never be the same. The volcanic eruption was only one small disaster in this tiny area of the world. The rest of earth was convulsing, erupting and collapsing from within. People all over the earth were scrambling to safety. The world was in chaos. The prophets were true. Unfortunately.

MORE: Some of my paintings/sculptures are visualized beforehand, some just happen. "Prophecy" was one that "just happened". I was working on "Basquiat Lives", using thin tape to stripe the walls of a building, when I took more tape and put it on an abstract painting I just started. I went from painting to painting, developing each one in its own right.

I don't know why or how I create a painting. I work on gut instinct. Each day when I enter my studio, I look at the piece(s) I've been working on with a fresh eye and a fresh desire to do "something more". The "something more" on the taped lines on "Prophecy" was swiping some black ink over the taped lines. The ink didn't "take". It became blotchy. Suddenly it looked like oriental writing to me. Then I painted the main figure over the tape. A frightened running figure. Next to her were some children and some people from the village.

The top part of the painting became the old wise men of the tribe prophesying the destruction of the area. Notice the volcano blowing up and the storm in the distance. Anyway, that's how "Prophecy" was born. I certainly hope it doesn't pan out to be a true prediction for that area of the world. In the meantime, here is what I've been up to since my last monthÕ's newsletter to you.

"I'm not an intellectual, I think with my hands" - Cesar.


30" x 40"
oil on paper

Tsunami oil painting

"Tsunami" - The wind roared, the sky turned black, and the earth shook. Shoshanna and Guy were enjoying their first day of their honeymoon on the beach of an exotic resort in the Philippines. Everything was supposed to be beautiful...wonderful.

But suddenly it was Hell. They didn't know where to run. People were scattering about as the buildings fell and the palm trees broke in half. They clung to each other, not knowing what to do with themselves. Then the wind changed, and a giant roar could be heard from the ocean. A huge wave bigger than a ten story building was racing towards them.

They were frozen in fear as the rush and push of the water blasted away all their hopes and dreams into a watery hell. Shoshanna and Guy were never seen again, they just disappeared with hundreds of others into the greatest tsunami disaster the world had ever experienced.


40" x 30"
mixed media on paper

Earthquake Mixed media on paper

"Earthquake" - I had only just arrived in Los Angeles to start a new life after my young husband died in Chicago. I was in a new apartment, which just received its last piece of furniture to complete its decor. Everything was perfect. Then, early the next morning, around 4:00 A.M. I was tossed out of my bed ith a giant lurch and I thought the world had come to an end. The building shook and swayed and creaked and groaned. I lay on the floor listening to things crashing down from the walls and cabinets. Had I died and gone to Hell? No, I just experienced my first earthquake in Los Angeles. I can hardly wait for another.


50" x 50"
oil on board

Apocalypse oil painting

"Apocalypse" - What could be more definitive than the destruction, material and intangible, that war and aggression causes?

"Apocalypse" shows a particular battlefield, no winners, no losers, just unrecognizable remains.

That usually is the outcome of all wars.


36" x 24"
mixed media

Why? mixed media

"Why?" - War comes from a primitive part of the human brain. Humans are capable of both great acts of kindness and horrible acts of murder and destruction. Individual citizens are always wonderful, lovely people, but their leaders get crazy with greed and power, causing terrible atrocities to occur.

We should all be above these despicable acts, but somehow get mesmorized into cultivating and permitting hate and distrust. WouldnÕt it be a sensational world if this section of the human brain could be modified into generosity, goodness and kindness?

Dear Dad

30" x 30"
NFS     mixed media
Dear Dad mixed media

"Dear Dad" - Got the Easter card and box of candy from you and Mom, and loved both. I ate the entire box of chocolate late last night. It was so good. I can't wait to come home. My best buddy got his legs blown off yesterday and they don't think he's going to make it. Things are pretty bad here. I'm supposed to ship out next month, but there have been a lot of uprisings and there is talk that no one is going home for a while. I'll let you know when I know. Well, I better get to sleep now. Give Mom a kiss.
Love Chuckie

Dancing in the Dark

24" x 18"
NFS     collage on wood
Dancing in the Dark collage on wood

The Storm

46" x 36"

The Storm, abstract acrylic painting

Lead Them to Heaven

28" x 24"
acrylic on canvas

Lead Them to Heaven acrylic painting

"Lead Them to Heaven" - Provoked by such a horrible incident of the destruction of the World Trade towers in New York City, our Lady of Liberty cries real tears as she offers up the remains of the towers to heaven.


24" x 28"
acrylic on canvas

9/11/01 acrylic painting

"9/11/01" - Time passes, and our country seems to still be swimming in the same state of affairs as it was when the terrible tragedy of "9/11/01" occurred. We are locked in a struggle in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the other countries in the Middle East aren't looking too good at this point either.

We went into Iraq without a plan, and now we've taken up a war that Russia couldn't win after years and years of fighting the Taliban in the remote mountains of Afghanistan. When does it all end? The world cannot take another world war. With our nuclear capabilities we will destroy ourselves and every living thing on this earth! All we can do as individual citizens is hope for the best and pray in our own way that our race of human beings will not destroy everyone and everything.

Lest We Forget

18" x 12"
acrylic on canvas

Lest We Forget acrylic painting


20" x 18"

Tears pastel painting

"Tears" - Provoked by such a horrible incident that our Lady of Liberty cries real tears...

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