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contemporary still life artist
Ione - Contemporary Still Life Artist: Flowers, Birds, Still Life, Interiors oil and pastel paintings

Ione Citrin video showing her representational artworks and paintings

Click image to view video of Ione Citrin showing her still life artworks (will load full size in a new browser window).  Note that this is a 2.7MB .wmv file and thus requires Windows Media Player (which is installed by default on all Windows machines).

:: LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin.

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NEW!! The Wine Tasting

15" high x 26" wide
oil on canvas

The Wine Tasting, still life painting, oil on canvas
"The Wine Tasting" - I love wine. I love the look, feel and taste of wine. I love to hold a wine glass half full with wine. Yes, my wine glass might be half full or half empty, either way it's a pleasure.

NEW!! A Swirl of Roses

25" high x 15" wide
oil on canvas

A Swirl of Roses, still life painting, oil on canvas

"Swirl of Roses" - I've never outgrown my childhood habit of looking up into the sky and imagining forms and shapes in the clouds. A "Swirl of Roses" was one of those moments. A beautiful day with soft puffy clouds and a big imagination. A perfect recipe for dreaming up "stuff" for my art work. That's how "Swirl of Roses" evolved.

My family always remarks that my "head is in the clouds", and will occasionally say, "come down to earth"; but if I did, then I wouldn't be able to create! My best ideas come as I stumble through life imagining shapes in the sky, the landscape, etc. Everything looks like something else to me. In my art studio I recreate (with embellishment) my various memories.

NEW!! Romantic Repast

25" high x 20" wide

Romantic Repast, still life painting, oil on canvas

"Romantic Repast" - To me there is nothing more romantic than food and candles. Or, flowers and candles. Or, just candles! Candles make everything look dreamy. I arranged this ordinary pile of fruit and put a couple of candles behind it, lowered the light, improvised some leaves in the darkness behind it, and, "voila", a "Romantic Repast" was created!

NEW!! Squabble

14 1/2" high x 10 3/4" wide
watercolor on paper
Squabble, still life bird watercolor

"Squabble" - Harold and Imelda were just not getting along anymore. Particularly in the morning. Every little thing would set one of them off. Neither would relent, doing so would relinquish power and they both needed to "save face". So, the morning squabbles continued until they eventually tired and had breakfast. The meal of grubs was delicious to them and seemed to calm the atmosphere between them. Food is a great pacifier; that's why there's so many overweight birds in the colony.

NEW!! Breakfast

14 1/2" high x 10 3/4" wide
watercolor on paper
Breakfast, still life bird watercolor

"Breakfast" - Every morning promptly at dawn Selma would head out and hunt for her chick's breakfast. Fortunately they were not picky eaters, so just about anything she fed them was immediately gulped down with much commotion for more. They were growing larger every day, their demands for bigger meals were vociferous. Like the good mother she was, she would just shrug her wings, squeak "C'est la vie" and head out for more grub for her babies.

NEW!! Crystal

25" high x 20" wide

Crystal, still life painting, oil on canvas

"Crystal" - I have a beautiful crystal vase near a window. Sometimes the light shows through it and it is quite beautiful. I captured this "happening", but added a white dove to further romanticize the piece. I still have the vase, but the bird never materialized other than in my imagination.

NEW!! Shrooms

13 1/2" high x 19 1/2" wide
Shrooms, still life watercolor

"Shrooms" - Shrooms are wonderful little edibles that grow in dark shady places in the forest. They should be hand-picked and delicately handled. They make a wonderful accompaniment to a main course, a marvelous taste sensation worked into a recipe or a delicious side course all by themselves.

Some of them are poisonous, and some contain magical properties, which, when consumed cause delightful delusions of the mind, or in some cases, death. When walking through a forest, search for them, and if you don't have a handy forest, go to your nearest grocery store where you will find them in the produce section. (It's easier to find them in a grocery store, but it's sexier to find them in a forest.)

NEW!! Fowl Play

22" high x 30" wide
Fowl Play, still life watercolor

"Fowl Play" - I love to eat roast goose at holiday time. I also love pate de foie gras, or chopped goose liver. I really like looking at geese too, but most of all, I love an occasional "goose". Look at the oil painting, "Dark Eyes", in the Still Life Gallery, thereีs a nice goose in there too. Honk, honk!

NEW!! Pink Loveseat

28" high x 24" wide
oil on canvas

Pink Loveseat, still life painting, oil on canvas

"Pink Loveseat" - I always dreamt of living high in the sky in a penthouse exquisitely decorated with lovely art and a pink loveseat. Maybe if I start selling some of my art this might become a reality.

NEW!! Everlasting

36" high x 24" wide
oil on canvas

Everlasting, figure painting, oil on canvas

"Everlasting" - Why do real flowers have to die so soon? They are so beautiful, whether in a garden, field, forest or vase. I was surprised and honored to have this arrangement delivered to my hotel room when I was in Positano, Italy. I immediately put it in this little window and snapped a picture to remember this occasion. Then, to really make them live "forever", I painted this picture. Now, I'll never forget the memory of their breathtaking beauty or my wonderful trip.

NEW!! Black Tie Affair

36" high x 24" wide
oil on canvas

Black Tie Affair, figure painting, oil on canvas

"Black Tie Affair" - When my daughter married many photographs were taken during the wedding and reception. This is one as they danced alone sharing their private thoughts. It has a special place in my home and the setting inspired me to do this painting.

NEW!! Dark Eyes

40" high x 30" wide
oil on canvas

Dark Eyes, still life painting, oil on canvas

"Dark Eyes" - Who is the lovely young woman in the portrait? Why is the picture slanted and surrounded by flowing drapery? The porcelain sculpture of the goose looks brand new. But this place has been deserted for years! The adjoining window opens onto an elaborate landscape. But the whole room is completely dust and dirt free. Wouldn't the wind blow leaves and dust and dirt into the room? I'll leave you to figure it out, in the meantime, enjoy "Dark Eyes", a painting out of my deep mysterious mind, created for no rhyme or reason other than my love of painting.

NEW!! Memories

26" high x 38" wide
oil on canvas

Memories still life painting

"Memories" - This was my grandmother's dresser top in her bedroom. It is exactly as I remember it. The beautiful painting she cherished, the small dainty bust of a girl, the candy dish, and the lighted candle, (which she claimed lulled her to sleep). I did this painting reminiscent of her and the wonderful years I had with her. I don't know where these artifacts are anymore, but they are clearly in my mind and imagination. So, I pay homage to my "Memories" with my grandmother.

The Library

46" high x 36" wide
acrylic on canvas

The Library still life painting

"The Library" - This is a small section of the library in my studio. It is full of books on art. The history of art, pictures of various paintings, sculptures, collages, assemblages, installations, etc., as well as biographies of famous artists and their individual struggles to become recognized. There are "how to" books on every creative endeavor, books on the business side of art, art organizations, just about everything and anything that has to do with that elusive subject "art". I haven't read any of them. I mean to, I'm just too busy creating my own art to take the time to read them. Maybe one day I will. In the meantime I did this painting about all my books.

NEW!! Ballooning

34" high x 24" wide
acrylic on canvas


"Ballooning" - I had a disturbing dream where I was on a mountain top with my family and we were trying to grab the strings of the balloons which were floating above our heads. We wanted to get off the mountain top and we knew if we could grab onto the balloon strings they would take us to safety. They were all around us, but we couldn't quite grab their strings. Try as we might, we just couldn't connect. I don't know if we ever got off the mountain top, 'cause the alarm rang and I woke up.

My Cockatoo

20" high x 30" wide
oil on canvas

My Cockatoo still life with bird painting

"My Cockatoo" - Yes, this is "my cockatoo", literally and figuratively. It is a beautiful porcelain cockatoo perched on a gold stand. The bird overlooks a lovely arrangement of hand made silk flowers. They both sit on a glass coffee table in front of one of my many paintings. A couch. Now you know what a section of my living room looks like! I enjoy this setting so much, that I thought I'd go ahead and do a painting of it.

The Penthouse

28" high x 22" wide
acrylic on canvas

The Penthouse still life interiors painting

"The Penthouse" - The penthouse was dark and quiet. The breeze softly blew through the open balcony doors. He lay in wait for her. "She should be home by now", he thought. He looked at his watch. "Time's a wasting", he muttered.

Then, he heard laughter in the hallway. The front door banged open. Voices, giggles, short silences. She was not alone. She had brought someone home with her! "Oh God", he breathed and hunkered down behind an overstuffed sofa.

He lay there all night listening to the lovemaking. When the air was finally silent he slowly rose from behind the sofa and tip-toed out the door. "They never knew", he thought. He wedged his gun further into his holster, "But there's another time, isn't there?"


28" high x 22" wide
oil on canvas

Decanters still life painting
"Decanters" - Three very old decanters within a French winery. The Citrine Winery. No, I don't own it, nor am I related in any way, other than I love their wine. The last name is almost the same, I spell mine without an "e" at the end, but that was what attracted me to the place. Driving the old roads of the wine country in France, we whizzed by and saw the name. Deciding to go in and have a taste or two, we were enthralled and have been addicted to this wine ever since.


16" x 20"
pastel on board

LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin.

Hawaii still life floral pastel painting

NEW!! Purple Pansies

18" high x 24" wide
watercolor and collage

Purple Pansies still life floral painting
"Purple Pansies" - A collage of painted tissue paper. A fun project. I painted whole pieces of tissue paper, crinkled them up, tore them up, then arranged them on a support, and voila! "Purple Pansies" was born.


28" high x 24" wide
oil on canvas

Irises still life floral painting
"Irises" - I often say that I've never met a plant I didn't like. For many reasons, florals and foliage are one of my favorite subjects to paint. There's no end to the inspiration I get from visiting local gardens or tending my own little patch of earth.

At the mere hint of spring I'm out there almost hourly with excruciating anticipation, trying to steal a glimpse of the first buds to emerge. I can imagine that Georgia O'Keefe shares this obsession when painting her intimate portraits of flowers. There are whole worlds inside them if you look closely enough.

Mood Roses

24" high x 28" wide
oil on canvas

Mood Roses still life floral painting

"Mood Roses" - It was my first trip to Paris, France. The first night of arrival, I was so "fired up" with excitement and anticipation, I couldn't sleep. Waltzing around the hotel room, I looked upon the sparkling crystal vase of roses in front of the moody Parisian street scene. "Voila", it was a perfect set for a painting. I whipped out my trusty paints and brushes and worked until dawn. Even though I was exhausted for the first day of touring, I'm not regretful as I have this wonderful souvenir of my visit to this marvelous city.

Bodacious Blooms

27" high x 32" wide
oil on canvas

Bodacious Blooms still life floral painting

"Bodacious Blooms" - My husband is a romantic, passionate man. Every holiday, anniversary, birthday, and sometimes just because it's a sunny day out, he sends me flowers. "Bodacious Blooms" is just one of the many thoughtful sentiments I've received over the years. The beauty of the flowers and the personality of the gift giver spurs me on to paint this oil painting with the hopes that it gives your eyes as much pleasure as it did mine.

Red Scarf

24" high x 20 1/2" wide
oil on canvas

Red Scarf still life painting

"The Red Scarf" - The silk scarf was carelessly thrown across the chair. The elaborate arrangement of flowers, wilting by the minute, next to it. Dawn entering through the window. Everything beautiful, peaceful. None of this spoke of the tragedy which occurred in this very room. The tragedy of lost love and lost lives. One could only imagine what had occurred.

Trudy was the only one who knew, and this would be her inheritance. Yes, the gossip in the neighborhood was plentiful. The streets reeked of the tale of lost lives and disappointment. Each neighbor had a different interpretation of the family who lived here and what actually happened. No one knew the real truth. Trudy knew, but she wasn't talking. Her memories gagged and suffocated her, but she would never spill.

She softly walked to the front door of the house, not wanting to visit her past any more than necessary. The past would disintegrate as time went on, but would the horrible realization of what she had done to bring about this disaster ever vanish?

The Window

40" high x 30" wide
oil on canvas

The Window still life interiors painting

"The Window" - Every morning at exactly the same time the policeman would see the window open on the top floor of the ancient building. A lovely vase of flowers would be placed in the open window. He could smell the fragrance of the flowers from the street. It was mostly deserted except for vagrants and one or two welfare renters.

In its heyday it was an exclusive residential apartment building filled with the hoi toi of the town. Today the area was a slum and the building was falling apart. The policeman couldn't figure out how the woman could afford the fancy flowers. "She probably stole them from yards in another neighborhood." He said to himself.

He was very curious about the window, the woman and the flowers. He would wander around the various floors of the building, but couldn't locate the exact apartment, nor could he find anyone who knew of a woman who put fresh flowers out on the window sill. After a while he let it rest, and just watched from the street. Within a few months, the window stopped opening, and, therefore, the flowers stopped coming. It was a secret the building and the neighborhood held. The policeman was an "outsider" and didn't know all the details. "One day, sometime "

The next month the building was demolished. While walking another post in a different neighborhood the cop saw another window opening high in another ancient decaying flea trap. He saw the same set of female arms situating a big vase of bright flowers on the sill and then disappear! He hurried across the street, but again couldn't gain access to the hallways or anyone who knew anything. "I guess it's just going to be my secret", he said to himself, once again, and continued watching the daily ritual of the flowers in the window. With every new post he was assigned to, the same event would happen in a different building. He got used to it, and actually looked forward to seeing it happen at exactly the same time every day. He even went there on his days off, and it would happen again. He would chuckle; shake his head and walk away, feeling that it was his secret and something special for him. He never forgot, nor did he share his experiences with anyone. It was something all his own to figure out.

Belle Bouquet

30" high x 24" wide
oil on canvas

"Belle Bouquet" - A sumptuous arrangement of flowers in a glass vase.

Belle Bouquet still life floral painting

Bridal Bouquet

30" high x 24" wide
oil on canvas

Bridal Bouquet still life floral painting

"Bridal Bouquet" - The guests left, the house was quiet and Georgia was left alone. The bouquet was just one of the remnants of the occasion. The others lay strewn around the dining room. When she told everyone that Jack had "bowed out" of the wedding, her family and friends fell quiet. Then, Georgia came up with a brilliant conclusion, "Let's party! Screw Jack!"

They all whooped and fell on the food and drink. The band played and everyone ate and danced themselves silly. Now they were gone and the reality of the occasion set in. She was exhausted, mentally and physically. She fell on the sofa and immediately went into a deep, drunken sleep. That was her wedding that never was.

Lily Pond

20" high x 30" wide
watercolor on paper

Lily Pond original watercolor on paper

Tree of Life

36" high x 36" wide
acrylic 6 panels

Tree of Life still life acrylic 6 panels

Bouquet Tropical

40" high x 30" wide
acrylic on board

"Bouquet Tropical" - A gorgeous arrangement of tropical flowers.

Bouquet Tropical still life floral painting

Floral Fantasy

28" high x 28" wide

"Floral Fantasy" - A watercolor of delicate flowers in a circular composition.

Floral Fantasy still life floral painting

Lady of the Flowers

36" high x 18" wide
acrylic on canvas

"Lady of the FLowers" - A fountain carved in stone shows a young woman sitting at the edge of a pool. Sumptuous flowers are in the vase.

Lady of the Flowers still life floral painting

Flower Dream Song

24" high x 48" wide
triptych, oil on canvas

Flower Dream Song still life floral painting

Guardian Angel

40" high x 30" wide
oil on canvas

Guardian Angel still life original oil on canvas painting


26" high x 22" wide
acrylic on paper
framed in gold leaf

Bonsai still life tree painting

"Bonsai" - There she was, frozen in time, locked forever within the twisted trunk of a Bonsai tree. She didn't realize when her wicked mother-in-law cursed her for marrying her son against her wishes what her fate would be.

Mrs. Smith didn't like her from the first meeting. As Casey's love relationship grew with Matt, Mrs. Smith became increasingly critical...and when they eloped, that "took the bucket", as Mrs. Smith screamed.

She danced around Casey, screeching like a slaughtered ostrich, waving her bony arms and chanting strange incantations.

Casey's physical change was slow, growing more evident over a period of months. Doctors couldn't decide what was wrong. Casey was becoming a tree! At first the physicians thought she had some strange kind of fungus, but when she became immobile within a wooden-like trunk and began sprouting branches and leaves, the scientific community was both horrified and enthralled. She became a physical curiosity put on exhibition, traveling the world for all to see.

"I don't know why Mrs. Smith did this to me", Casey thought, "But, I kinda' like being famous. It's a good thing."


32" high x 28" wide
pastel on paper

Overall still life pastel on paper painting

"Overall" - Visiting the various gardens of beautiful Lompoc, California, my imagination leapt forward and I dreamt the flowers took on human shapes and clothing. This is one of the apparitions I saw in my dream. They were all little people, midget sized, and their clothes were adorable children's clothes. The whole dream was made up of these flower children playing in their garden.

Flower Shop

26" high x 20" wide
pastel on paper

Flower Shop still life pastel on paper painting

Gram's Needlepoint

18" high x 24" wide
watercolor on paper

Gram's Needlepoint still life painting

"Gram's Needlepoint" - My grandmother did this needlepoint purse and slippers many years ago. I saved them, and decided to paint them. I hope you like this as well as I do. It reminds me of past times.

Delft Shoe

30" high x 30" wide
watercolor on paper

Delft Shoe  still life painting
"Delft Shoe" - While visiting Holland last year I purchased some Delft pieces. This shoe was one of them. I filled them with flowers, and had to paint this immediately!


24" high x 28" wide
pastel on paper

Shoe still life painting
"Shoe" - Dad's old high top, long discarded, becomes the subject of another painting.

Puss N' Boots

11" high x 14" wide

Puss N' Boots still life animal painting

"Puss 'N Boots" - I have two kittens. Each one is cuter than the other. They are brothers and do everything together. I caught them one morning huddled next to my husband's work shoes and made a quick sketch to remind me of the situation so I could repeat it with pastels on paper. Their names are Shu Shu and Precious.

Wrinkled Roses

11" high x 14" wide
crushed series
oil on canvas

Wrinkled Roses still life painting

Crushed Silver Flowers

11" high x 14" wide
crushed series
oil on canvas

Crushed Silver Flowers still life oil painting

Rose Rage

32" high x 36" wide
crushed series
oil on canvas

Rose Rage still life oil painting

Swamp Flower

21" high x 24" wide
crushed series
oil on canvas hexagon

Swamp Flower still life oil painting

Spring Flowers

21" high x 17" wide
watercolor and collage

Spring Flowers still life watercolor painting

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