Ione Citrin - Contemporary Abstract Sculptor: Bronze Sculpture and Mixed Media 3D Assemblage
Ione Citrin - Contemporary Sculptor - Mixed Media Collage, Bronze Sculpture
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contemporary sculptor
Ione - Contemporary Abstract Sculptor: Bronze Sculpture and Mixed Media 3D Assemblage

Ione Citrin video showing her representational artworks and paintings

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A strange kind of fire burns within me when I sculpt. It begins somewhere deep within my chest and spreads like a flame throughout my body and my mind. It finds my fingers within seconds. My hands ignite each of my creations, as the vision of what will soon exist ignites within me. I am meticulous, I follow this fire to its "second skin" in the clay. As a sculptor, I make bronze tender, and in return it strengthens and solidifies me.

These sculptures are all created out of my fertile imagination. I begin with a small idea, start working with the clay, get totally carried away and proceed day by day until I'm satisfied with the end result. It takes me a long time to complete a piece. Daily changes, small adjustments, large adjustments, change of direction, etc. But I know when it is finished when there is nothing else I want or need to do and then I utter a final sigh of completion.

"The sculptures are so tactile, but you experience them on many levels. You do wondrous things with your materials."
Marjorie Kaye, Director, Caladan Gallery

Rose & Bud - front viewRose and Bud - bronze sculpture, front viewRose & Bud - side viewRose and Bud - bronze sculpture, side view
Rose & Bud - another side viewRose and Bud - bronze sculpture, another side  viewRose & Bud - back viewRose and Bud - bronze sculpture, back view
NEW!! Rose & Bud

16" high x 8" wide x 8" deep
bronze sculpture

"Rose & Bud" - This is my newest bronze sculpture. It was the easiest sculpture I've ever created. Usually I fight with the clay, the armature, the mold, and the foundry; but this time everything went like a dream. It was like "meant to be". The figures just came out of the clay like they were waiting for my fingers. It created itself.

This is a surreal sculpture featuring roses which have a personality and life of their own. The large rose is the mother holding her dying son in her arms. She doesn't know what to do, so she stands in bewilderment. She feels as long as she keeps him in her arms he will be safe, and so she keeps her vigil; caught forever in bronze.

Dominatrix - view 1Dominatrix - bronze sculpture, view 1Dominatrix - view 2Dominatrix - bronze sculpture, view 2Dominatrix - view 3
Dominatrix - bronze sculpture, view 3
NEW!! Dominatrix

17 1/2" high x 8" wide x 6" deep
bronze sculpture

"Dominatrix" - Hunter left home for the "Great Beyond/The Land of Milk & Honey", otherwise known as Hollywood, when she was only 17. She wanted to be in the movies, she wanted to be a star, she wanted fame and fortune, she wanted to be recognized as a great beauty and a marvelous talent. She got as far as the chorus line in a Las Vegas review called "Dominatrix". But Hunter was thrilled to get this gig.

She wasn't a great dancer, but somehow made it through the auditions to be a line dancer in a show with an unlimited run in Las Vegas. Her dream was to dance the lead role in the show. She never made the leading role, but stuck it out in the chorus, learning a lot from her experiences in "Vegas".

When the review ended she went back to Hollywood; she got a waitress job in a local coffee shop and joined the ranks of the "hopefuls" in their quest for anything that would bring them into "movieland" and all the goodies that went with it. Did she succeed? That's for you to decide.

Steps - front viewSteps - bronze sculpture, front viewSteps - rear viewSteps - bronze sculpture, rear view

17 1/2" high x 9" wide x 4" deep
bronze sculpture

"Steps" - The Newlyweds sit on the steps of their first house, completely in love, deliriously happy with the news of their quintuplets soon to be born. The husband sits behind his blooming wife, holding her protectively, while the wife sits resting against his strong chest, completely secure. A picture of security/happiness/expectation and plans for their future.

Set Free - view 1Set Free - bronze sculpture, view 1Set Free - view 2Set Free - bronze sculpture, view 2Set Free - view 3
Set Free - bronze sculpture, view 3
NEW!! Set Free

24 1/2" high x 7" wide x 11 1/2" deep
bronze sculpture

"Set Free" - Arola was selected from the group of maidens for this special duty. To go to the top of the mountain and release the bird of freedom. This act symbolized the ending of a long bitter war with a neighboring tribe. This honorable gesture was bestowed upon an exceptional maiden, who the tribal leaders felt was an example of perfect womanhood, possessing beauty, intelligence, kindness and respect for her elders.

Arola followed all the directions her mighty chief gave her perfectly, and after the bird left her hands and flew off into the sunset, she called out to her personal god and guided her horse off the cliff to sanctify the ceremony.

Antar - view 1Antar - bronze sculpture, view 1Antar - view 2Antar - bronze sculpture, view 2

18" high x 7" wide x 18" deep
bronze sculpture

"Antar" - Antar was a great stallion. He was wild, in a band of horses running through the mountains of Lebanon. Omar would see him from time to time near the boundaries of his father's ranch. He was fascinated by this unusually handsome horse. Gazing at the horse from afar Omar hoped in some way he could catch him, tame him and keep him. He knew this was wishful thinking, but he never forgot his "dream horse".

I was contacted by Omar to do a bronze sculpture of Antar to memorialize him for all eternity. We spoke at great length about this horse, until I felt confidant enough to begin the portrait sculpture. Even though the horse was never captured, Omar wanted him done with an Arabic saddle and fittings. It took me over a year to finalize the piece, and much to my great joy, my client was delighted. It now holds a position of honor in his new American home, and gives him an opportunity to tell the story of this beautiful horse and his ranch to all his visitors.

Double Dutch - view 1Double Dutch - bronze sculpture, view 1Double Dutch - view 2Double Dutch - bronze sculpture, view 2Double Dutch - view 3
Double Dutch - bronze sculpture, view 3
Double Dutch

11" high x 12" wide x 5" deep
bronze sculpture

Pas de Deux - front viewPas de Deux - bronze sculpture, front viewPas de Deux - back viewPas de Deux - bronze sculpture, rear view
Pas de Deux

15" high x 12" wide x 4" deep
bronze sculpture

New Kite - front viewNew Kite - bronze and quartz crystal sculpture, front viewNew Kite - rear viewNew Kite - bronze and quartz crystal sculpture, rear view
New Kite

18 1/2" high x 13" wide x 18" deep
bronze and quartz crystal sculpture

The Fisherwoman

22" high x 12" wide x 12" deep
bronze on lucite

The Fisherwoman, bronze sculpture on lucite

Her Life - front viewHer Life - bronze sculpture, front viewHer Life - side viewHer Life - bronze sculpture, side view
Her Life

32 1/2" high x 10" wide x 10" deep
bronze sculpture

"Her Life" - This sculpture represents the deep all encompassing love a man has for a woman. She is in his guts. Their child is in his arms. His life is complete.

The Rose - side viewThe Rose - bronze sculpture, side viewThe Rose - front viewThe Rose - bronze sculpture, front view
The Rose

23" high x 15" wide x 13" deep
bronze sculpture

A sophisticated beautiful woman regards her surroundings. Notice the rose corsage on her shoulder and the elaborate earrings and necklace set.

"The Rose" - Rose appeared like a dream at the debutante ball. She was a picture of perfection in every way. Her hair was just "so", her make-up had been professionally done, and she was wearing an original designer gown. All the boys were lined up anxiously waiting for her to glance at any one of them so they could sign her dance card. The music began and the couples began drifting towards the dance floor. Rose couldn't make up her mind, who to select for the first dance.

Then off in the distance an alarm bell rang. It got louder and louder and the ballroom faded from her "mind's eye". The dance music was replaced by her mother's voice shouting, "Get up, you'll be late for school". "Oh, well" she thought, "Tonight I can find out who took the first dance."

Torso - front viewTorso - bronze sculpture, front viewTorso - back viewTorso - bronze sculpture, back view

18" high x 12" wide x 10" deep
bronze sculpture

The Kiss

22" high x 13" wide x 17" deep
bronze sculpture

An exotic female with an elaborate hairdo kisses her pet hummingbird.

The Kiss, bronze sculpture

"The Kiss" - Larissa went into her garden every day to water the plants and feed the birds. There was a family of hummingbirds nesting in the roof of her house, and they were always eagerly feeding on her roses. She visited the garden at the same time, and always with bird food, so the hummingbirds got quite used to her. They would fly around pecking at her long hair, and sometimes resting for a few rare moments on her shoulders. One day she put some seeds in her mouth and one of them came up and picked it out from her lips. This sculpture memorializes this rare event.

Love Birds - front viewLove Birds - bronze sculpture, front viewLove Birds - side viewLove Birds - bronze sculpture, side view
Love Birds - another side viewLove Birds - bronze sculpture, another side  viewLove Birds - back viewLove Birds - bronze sculpture, back view
NEW!! Love Birds

16" high x 15" wide x 6" deep
bronze sculpture

"Love Birds" - They rediscovered each other every year at the same time. When the flowers began blooming and the winds softened they would meet at their predesignated branch. Their greeting was as if they were complete strangers, not a committed couple with a twenty year bonded relationship. Their pecks were sweet and they would coo and softly cackle to each other all summer long. He helped her build the nest. Every year it was in a different tree in the apple orchard. As soon as the weather began to cool and the first rains softly fell, they would say their goodbye's with vows to meet next year, and the year after that until they had no more years. They would fly together as a pair until he would pick up speed, and she watched him soar off loving him more than she ever had before.

Jump For Joy

28" high x 27" wide x 6" deep
bronze sculpture

A nude female and her trained stallion jump rope.

Jump For Joy, bronze sculpture


23" high x 24" wide x 10" deep
bronze on marble sculpture

A wonderful bust of a horse whose forelock and mane are all flowers.

Seabiscuit, bronze and marble sculpture

"Seabiscuit" - A wonderful bust of a horse whose forelock and mane are all flowers.


20" high x 13" wide x 6" deep
bronze sculpture on marble

A romantic female warrior caught in her own web of intrigue.

Hermine, bronze and marble sculpture


16" high x 8" wide x 9" deep
bronze sculpture

Portrait Commissions Available
Herb, bronze sculpture

"Herb" - Portraits are a meaningful exercise for me as a visual artist. I try not only to replicate the human being exactly as he/she is at that specific point in time, but I also try to capture his/her essence, his/her spirit, his/her aura, and how these affect me. Naturally I can only do a portrait of someone whose presence moves me. I do not have to "love" my model; I just have to have a strong reaction to his/her image and personality.

A strong reaction from the artist will affect the outcome of the piece. It is impossible to get these "vibes" from a photograph. The painting will be stiff and not life-like. However, occasionally I have done a portrait of an individual I've casually set my eyes upon, had a strong reaction to his/her image, and took a picture. I immediately set forth upon replicating the person's image, so that my memory and reaction is fresh and exciting, and I do have the photograph to refer to. All portraits are the artist's interpretation of the individual. The person trusts the artist's rendering will be complimentary and evoke his/her presence.

I enjoy doing portraits. They are demanding, exacting, and time consuming; yet rewarding at completion.

Rudy the Robot - view 1Rudy the Robot - mixed media sculpture, view 1Rudy the Robot - view 2Rudy the Robot - mixed media sculpture, view 2Rudy the Robot - view 3
Rudy the Robot - mixed media sculpture, view 3
Rudy the Robot

29" high x 24 1/2" wide x 36" deep
mixed media sculpture

"Rudy The Robot" - New inventions were constantly appearing on the consumer market. Esther was a "gadget freak"

Her house was filled with the latest appliances, all very expensive, and all very wonderful. Then, one day when fidgeting around on the internet, Esther saw a website for "home robots". A robot that would do simple tasks upon command. "What a joy!" Esther thought. "How fun!" Immediately she sent away for the top of the line, "Rudy the Robot". When the huge crate arrived and was opened, she was surprised. She didn't realize how big the robot would be. He filled her small living room. His presence was "magnetic".

Esther immediately began fiddling with the controls, making the robot do little simple things; like, open the front door, shut the window, pull the drapes. Everything he did made her squeal with joy. He was so simple to operate. He did everything so perfectly! Eventually she had him doing chores around the house, like washing the dishes, making the bed, vacuuming. She couldn't believe it. When she first got him and told her friends about her "find", they thought she was nuts, so as time went on and the robot began doing more and more things for her, she stopped talking about him.

She loved making new demands on him. He never failed to do as he was ordered. Esther got to the point where she started talking to him. He would just stand there, his lights blinking, waiting for a command from the control panel. Then one lonely night she approached him and gave him a kiss on his cold metal dial. Even though he didn't and couldn't respond, she was in love with him. He was the perfect roommate, the perfect companion, never demanding and doing all her bidding without hesitation.

She began to scour the internet to see if there was an "advanced" version of Rudy, something not quite "so mechanical". She faithfully searched on a monthly basis knowing that technology would advance to the creation of a more "human-like" robot. As they came out on the market she kept getting updated versions of "Rudy the Robot". With each new "Rudy", she discovered he was able to do more and more "stuff" around the house. One time much to her delight he made her an egg. "Sunnyside up and perfect." That night she directed him to stand by her bed. His presence was comforting. As she drifted off to sleep she thought, "Maybe something softer; with hair and muscles".

Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday, mixed media sculptureHappy Birthday - side viewHappy Birthday, side view of mixed media sculpture
Happy Birthday

56" high x 36" wide x 36" deep
assemblage - mixed media

The BathThe Bath, mixed media sculptureThe Bath - rear viewThe Bath - rear view, mixed media sculpture
The Bath

40" high x 38" wide x 42" deep
mixed media sculpture


14" high x 13" wide x 23" deep
mixed media sculpture
JuniorJunior, animal mixed media sculptureJunior - another viewJunior - another view, animal mixed media sculpture


42" high x 37" wide x 37" deep
mixed media sculpture
M'Lady, mixed media sculpture

"M'Lady" started out as a paper mache figure wantonly sitting in an art supply store begging for attention. An imaginative artist saw her, and somehow related to her. An instant purchase brought her back to the artist's studio where she came to life and realized her full potential.

You see, the artist supported herself with the "easy dollar", i.e. the money she received for her favors from her various lovers. And so in response to her current life, she began to work on the torso. First she cut a big cavern in the abdomen area, leaving a piece of the paper mache like a runway into the figure's body. Then she began to decorate the body, with bangles representing flashy jewelry, her nightly armor. On the piece laying in the foreground she put a large amount of bills representing the money she earns.

Then, because this life was a self-enforced "jail sentence", I built a steel cage and set her in it. There is a little door with a little padlock on it. It is practically invisible, and she is too large and unwieldy to get through it. So she is forever "trapped".

She represents the women I have known who lead trapped lives. Women who prefer to stay in an unhappy situation rather than brave the world and change their current situation. What kind of woman are you?

Mama Mia

24" high x 21" wide x 19" deep
mixed media sculpture

Mama Mia, mixed media

African Queen - front viewAfrican Queen, figure mixed media sculptureAfrican Queen - side viewAfrican Queen, figure mixed media sculpture
NEW!! African Queen

34" high x 20" wide x 28" deep
mixed media sculpture

"African Queen" - She was discovered by Dr. Anthony Requiem in 1950 in Ghana. He was on an expedition to find a lost tribe of albino natives who kept themselves hidden because of their unusual skin color. He never found this tribe, but did discover this idol. He immediately recognized that this was an important artifact and brought it back to London, England where it was immediately sold at auction. Now available to you, "THE AFRICAN QUEEN".

The Old Gang - front viewThe Old Gang, figure mixed media sculptureThe Old Gang - detail viewThe Old Gang, figure mixed media
The Old Gang

71" high x 54" wide x 11" deep
mixed media sculpture

"The Old Gang" - Started with an old pallett found in an alley. Immediately drawn to the depressions in the pallette, I decided to fill them with funny faces of different men. I started with one, then thought of another type of person, and then another.

Then I realized these guys were home boys, all growing up in a particular neighborhood, going to the same schools, and so kept their little clique together throughout their lives.

Tree Sa - front viewTree Sa, figure mixed media assemblage sculptureTree Sa - side viewTree Sa, figure mixed media assemblage sculpture
Tree Sa - back viewTree Sa, figure mixed media assemblage sculptureTree Sa - angle back viewTree Sa, figure mixed media assemblage sculpture
NEW!! Tree Sa

49 1/2" high x 24" wide x 14 1/2" deep
mixed media assemblage sculpture

"Tree Sa" - About five years ago I noticed a large 3 ft. doll in the window of a Rite-Aid Store. It was being offered for $10 on an after-Xmas special sale. I couldn't resist. I bought the doll, not really knowing what I was going to do with her, and brought her to my studio. She was placed standing in a special area where she wouldn't get damaged and for all this time we've been staring at each other.

Finally, I had an urge to do something with her. I picked her up and brought her to a long table. She had an adorable dress on, shoes, pigtails with bows and eyes that opened and closed. I first undressed her, carefully saving her clothes for a future creation, and laid her down on my table. She looked human. She looked at me. I looked at her. Neither of us spoke.

Then I got a weird idea. I would open her up and put another sculpture within her abdominal area; like a fetus. I tried cutting through the plastic to no avail. This idea wouldn't work.

So, I stood her up, glued her joints so she was stationary, and began positioning different paper and scrap on her body to find something that "felt good" to me. Then I eyed some palm fronds which had also been sitting in my studio for a long time. I found these fronds in the street one day. Coming from Chicago where there are no palm trees, I didn't know what they were, but thought they were "interesting", so I added them to the rest of the "junk" in my studio. I tried these fronds against her, and it clicked. It looked good.

Now I knew I was going to make her into a tree. I glued the fronds all over her body, put leaves in her hair, glued a bird on her head and I was "in business". Now I will present her in my repertoire and hope a "savvy" collector falls in love with her the way I have.

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