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Ione - Contemporary Artist, Painter - New Works Gallery: Ione's latest, most recent sculptures, paintings and mixed media works.

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Prince - angle viewPrince - mixed media, angle view Prince - back viewPrince - mixed media, back view
NEW!! Prince

20 1/2" high x 12" wide x 16" deep
mixed media assemblage

New York New York - front viewNew York New York - bronze sculpture, front view New York New York - angle viewNew York New York - bronze sculpture, angle view
NEW!! New York New York

17" high x 11" wide x 11" deep
bronze sculpture

Fantastic Voyage

22" high x 28" wide
oil on canvas

Fantastic Voyage landscape oil painting

Frieda The Fruit Lady

14" high x 11 1/2" wide
oil on canvas

Frieda The Fruit Lady african oil on canvas

Hi - mixed media
Hi - detailHi - mixed media, detail view

5' high x 4' wide x 2' deep
mixed media

Pink Lady

24" high x 22" wide
Pink Lady figures pastel painting


31" high x 22" wide
Nappin' pastel painting

"Nappin'" - This piece came from my wastebasket, which was filled with "throw-away" stuff. Trash to be exact. I had started a portrait in pastel on a large piece of wonderfully sanded paper; but the piece wasn't working for me. It became tedious. Not interesting. Not fun. Pedantic.

So, not wanting to belabor this effort, I whipped the paper off my easel and tossed it into a large trash bin. I don't empty this particular trash bin often, so many weeks later I decided to dump the contents for the garbage truck to pick up and send it to "neverland". That's when I pulled the "failed attempt" out and gave it another "look-see". "Gee whiz...this has possibilities" I thought aloud.

So, instead of tossing it, I trudged back into my studio and placed it back on the easel for another "go-'round". After weeks of "playing around" with the piece, "Nappin'" evolved. I guess you could say "I work off my gut emotions."


19" high x 19 1/2" wide
Comma pastel painting

"Comma" - I created this in a heated frenzy of pastel dust and sweat. As you can tell, I love bright fervent colors. They get my heart started and boil my emotions. With a new set of pastels and clean hands and paper, I was highly motivated to begin a new project. I didn't know where I was going, but then I never do. I just always select my materials and colors, and jump out of the plane.

Basically, insofar as this piece is concerned, I started with the outline of the "comma", which is what I would later call the finished piece. I didn't mean to paint a "comma"; it was just my initial stroke. It appealed to me to keep going, so I feverishly added more bright colors. I never know where my work is going to take me whatever it is. I know the proper way to begin any art piece is to do a sketch first and work out all the details. That's too easy for me. I need more challenge. So, I just jump in. But then, that's how I've conducted my whole life. I've been lucky, my method works for me. My work is always a big surprise. I use a mirror frequently to check my program; time has no meaning...

I finish when I finish and feel there is nothing more to be done. I don't advise my process of art making to be followed; it works for me. When it feels "done", I'm "done" too. I wipe the sweat off my forehead and wait to check the "monster piece" the next morning before I send it to the photographer. Hope you like the above piece of sweat.

Magic Mountain

16" high x 56" wide
oil on canvas diptych
Magic Mountain oil on canvas diptych


36" high x 24" wide
oil on canvas
Tehran oil on canvas

The Proposal

36" high x 24" wide
TheProposal collage


50" high x 40" wide diptych

Clue new_works mixed media wall sculpture

Escape - side viewEscape - bronze sculpture, side  view Escape - detailEscape - bronze sculpture, detail view
NEW!! Escape

24" high x 24" wide x 23" deep
bronze sculpture


18" high x 24" wide

Spring original watercolor

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