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Ione - Contemporary Artist, Painter - New Works Gallery: Ione's latest, most recent sculptures, paintings and mixed media works.

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First Frost

11" high x 14" wide

First Frost landscape acrylic painting


12" high x 16 1/2" high" wide

Sunbather figure acrylic painting

NEW!! Waterfall

20" high x 14" wide

Waterfall landscape watercolor painting
"Waterfall" - He died. He told me he didn't want a funeral. He thought funerals were "stupid" and expensive. He wanted me to take his ashes to Hawaii and scatter them in the ocean off one of the beautiful beaches; any one I chose. He loved the beaches in Hawaii. I had all good intentions of carrying out his final wishes, but when the time came, I didn't have the mental stability to make the necessary arrangements.

So, instead of a long flight to a deserted beach, I went into the woods where we used to hike and pick flowers. I walked to the waterfall we loved to look at and listen to. As I walked I felt his steps by mine. I heard his breath in my thoughts. I saw his smiling face. His ashes rustled in the box I carried under my arm. I climbed to the top of the waterfall.

"Johnny, I love you. I'll always love you. You will live in my heart and dreams for the rest of my life. I want to be with you always."

I held the box of ashes in my hands and jumped.

NEW!! Basquiat Lives

23" high x 30" wide

Basquiat Lives landscape watercolor painting
"Basquiat Lives" - Yes, I am Basquiat, alive in the imaginations and desires of artists all over the world who wish to express themselves on the sides of buildings, fences, bridges, and wherever else they can find a space for their ideas.

These people, like me, don't have the "wherewithal" to show their art in galleries, museums, art shows, etc. They are forced to take their paints and brushes and spray cans to the streets of the world. I had the amazing luck to be "discovered" by the art aficionados of New York City, and quickly became their "darling". I couldn't handle the situation, and fell victim to my own depression. I ended it all, and now my paintings sell for millions. Had I had enough foresight I could have funded my own art movement which would have enabled young visionaries a way to learn, develop and expose their ideas to an appreciative audience. Now, I visit these artisans in their dreams and thoughts, instilling the urge to create and exhibit their talents on the only canvases they have available to them.

The Midnight Messenger

24" high x 36" wide
oil on canvas

The Midnight Messenger original oil painting
The Midnight Messenger" - This was not exactly what Marla studied for in college. She was going for her Masters Degree in Theatre Arts, but her parents couldn't fund her anymore. They lost a lot in the financial downturn a few years ago, and so everyone in the family was cutting back. When she saw the ad on Craig's List, she knew she'd be perfect for the job. They wanted someone who was an experienced horsewoman, an expert rider and handler of horses, and someone who would look good in a special suit that came with a long cape. "Willing to begin work at midnight for approximately 3 hours, or until the deliveries were done" the ad stated.

"Sure, why not? I can do it", she thought. The pay was good and the work didn't interfere with her classes at UCLA. She was an expert horsewoman having ridden since she was a child, and she was still riding on a weekly basis.

She was hired immediately, as soon as she swished in on her long legs and flipped her pony tail around.

She reported in to the stable every night after midnight, and finished when she had dropped off the last envelope. Sometimes she only had one packet to deliver, so she could be through within the hour. Her territory was west Los Angeles. She would cantor throughout Westwood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air; wherever the package was addressed, and drop it near the front door or under the front gate. It was a bright red package with a little battery driven hooter that buzzed every minute until it was picked up. No problem with dogs, they avoided the sound the package made, and the buzzing stopped when the package was unwrapped. The recipients were notified beforehand that the delivery would be made, specifying the date and time of delivery, so they were ready for pick up.

Marla was thrilled with the job. Her parents were skeptical. Her friends were amazed and jealous. She was paid on an hourly basis and could work whenever she was called upon, which usually was 4 nights a week. Her rides caused quite a blast all over the West side, and she received a lot of publicity. She was known as "The Messenger", and newspaper and magazine articles were delighted to write about her unusual job. She could be seen galloping alongside the traffic on the streets of her area, her cape spread out behind her, waving to the cars and pedestrians as she sped by. She loved it, and became known as the "Midnight Messenger".

Long after the company folded, she set up her own messenger company, continuing her happy rides throughout the area, waving and smiling to passersby.

NEW!! Prophecy

20" high x 17" wide
mixed media

Prophecy mixed media
"Prophecy" - "They" didn't realize that "It" had finally happened. Their elders had predicted this event generations ago. The tribe had songs and dances telling of the explosion of the mountain and all the ensuing tragedies. Every year they would pray and think about making certain preparations in case this happened; but they never did. They really didn't know how, and had such a difficult life providing for themselves and their families, that anything extra for something so far fetched seemed a waste of good time. So they lived their daily lives...birthing, dying, laughing, crying, and looking with wonder at the huge mountain towering off in the distance. Every sundown and every morning at sunrise they would honor their gods with prayer, and always within the prayers were chants to save them from the evil volcano.

This afternoon, hell opened up and the devil finally got his way. The volcano erupted and a huge spew of flame and ash began to cover their beloved island. They ran, they knew not where, frantically searching for some safe place. However, there was no "safe place" on this island. Some fell, exhausted, and waited for death. Others became delirious running in circles. It was just a matter of time until the flames and molten lava would cover them and their island. The prophecy of their ancestors was finally coming true. All were doomed.

What they didn't know was that their small disaster was just a minute example of what the entire world was simultaneously experiencing. Just as predicted, "The button" had been pressed and life on this planet would never be the same. The volcanic eruption was only one small disaster in this tiny area of the world. The rest of earth was convulsing, erupting and collapsing from within. People all over the earth were scrambling to safety. The world was in chaos. The prophets were true. Unfortunately.

NEW!! Shrooms

13 1/2" high x 19 1/2" wide
Shrooms, still life watercolor

"Shrooms" - Shrooms are wonderful little edibles that grow in dark shady places in the forest. They should be hand-picked and delicately handled. They make a wonderful accompaniment to a main course, a marvelous taste sensation worked into a recipe or a delicious side course all by themselves.

Some of them are poisonous, and some contain magical properties, which, when consumed cause delightful delusions of the mind, or in some cases, death. When walking through a forest, search for them, and if you don't have a handy forest, go to your nearest grocery store where you will find them in the produce section. (It's easier to find them in a grocery store, but it's sexier to find them in a forest.)

Anita Ekbird 006 - view 1Anita Ekbird - mixed media, view 1Anita Ekbird 006 - view 2Anita Ekbird - mixed media, view 2
Anita Ekbird 006 - view 3
Anita Ekbird - mixed media, view 3
NEW!! Anita Ekbird

20" high x 39" wide x 25" deep
mixed media

"Anita Ekbird" - Hello. My name is Anita. Anita Ekbird. Years ago in the 1950's I was a famous movie star. My name then was Anita Ekberg. I looked different then than I do now. I had long blond hair, big breasts, and I must say I turned heads whenever I strolled around. I appeared in many movies here in the U.S. and Europe, and was considered "hot" for the times.

When I died I was reincarnated as this lovely bird. I always believed in reincarnation, but didn't know exactly how it worked. I still don't. All I know is I shut my eyes and when I opened them again everything was different. I couldn't imagine what had happened to me. I thought I had some strange disease. I stumbled toward a mirror, and there was this strange creature. Ye gads!

Needless to say it took me many years to accept myself as I am today, and to learn to live with my new body. My mind didn't change, just my appearance. I had to learn to walk, talk, eat and interact with all the regular human beings who now stare at me with curiosity and fear. I make the best of it. C'est la vie.


20" high x 14" wide

Napa landscape original pastel painting
"Napa" - I'm from Chicago and had never seen Northern California until 1984. When I finally got there I was amazed at the beauty of the region and how different it looked from Southern California. This beauty stayed in my mind until I was able to translate it with my pastels into this painting. No need to travel the world for gorgeous scenery, it's right here in the U.S.


14" high x 11" wide

Birdie african original pastel painting


14" high x 11" wide

Brothers african original pastel painting

Rose & Bud - front viewRose and Bud - bronze sculpture, front viewRose & Bud - side viewRose and Bud - bronze sculpture, side view
Rose & Bud - another side viewRose and Bud - bronze sculpture, another side  viewRose & Bud - back viewRose and Bud - bronze sculpture, back view
NEW!! Rose & Bud

16" high x 8" wide x 8" deep
bronze sculpture

"Rose & Bud" - This is my newest bronze sculpture. It was the easiest sculpture I've ever created. Usually I fight with the clay, the armature, the mold, and the foundry; but this time everything went like a dream. It was like "meant to be". The figures just came out of the clay like they were waiting for my fingers. It created itself.

This is a surreal sculpture featuring roses which have a personality and life of their own. The large rose is the mother holding her dying son in her arms. She doesn't know what to do, so she stands in bewilderment. She feels as long as she keeps him in her arms he will be safe, and so she keeps her vigil; caught forever in bronze.

NEW!! Copper Canyon

21 1/2" high x 30" wide

Copper Canyon new works landscape watercolor painting

NEW!! Centerpiece

23" high x 30" wide

Centerpiece new works abstract watercolor painting

Tree Sa - front viewTree Sa, figure mixed media assemblage sculptureTree Sa - side viewTree Sa, figure mixed media assemblage sculpture
Tree Sa - back viewTree Sa, figure mixed media assemblage sculptureTree Sa - angle back viewTree Sa, figure mixed media assemblage sculpture
Tree Sa

49 1/2" high x 24" wide x 14 1/2" deep
mixed media assemblage sculpture

"Tree Sa" - About five years ago I noticed a large 3 ft. doll in the window of a Rite-Aid Store. It was being offered for $10 on an after-Xmas special sale. I couldn't resist. I bought the doll, not really knowing what I was going to do with her, and brought her to my studio. She was placed standing in a special area where she wouldn't get damaged and for all this time we've been staring at each other.

Finally, I had an urge to do something with her. I picked her up and brought her to a long table. She had an adorable dress on, shoes, pigtails with bows and eyes that opened and closed. I first undressed her, carefully saving her clothes for a future creation, and laid her down on my table. She looked human. She looked at me. I looked at her. Neither of us spoke.

Then I got a weird idea. I would open her up and put another sculpture within her abdominal area; like a fetus. I tried cutting through the plastic to no avail. This idea wouldn't work.

So, I stood her up, glued her joints so she was stationary, and began positioning different paper and scrap on her body to find something that "felt good" to me. Then I eyed some palm fronds which had also been sitting in my studio for a long time. I found these fronds in the street one day. Coming from Chicago where there are no palm trees, I didn't know what they were, but thought they were "interesting", so I added them to the rest of the "junk" in my studio. I tried these fronds against her, and it clicked. It looked good.

Now I knew I was going to make her into a tree. I glued the fronds all over her body, put leaves in her hair, glued a bird on her head and I was "in business". Now I will present her in my repertoire and hope a "savvy" collector falls in love with her the way I have.

NEW!! Topiary Treasures

22 1/2" high x 30" wide

Topiary Treasures new works landscape watercolor painting

"Topiary Treasures" - At night these bushes come alive and run around the park getting their exercise, feeding on butterflies and trying to mate with each other. I know this because I like to come here after dark and watch them. I climb out of the window from my mental hospital and run a couple of miles to get to this wonderful park to play with these special animal/bushes. If you'd like to join me it's on the Yellow Brick Road two stops past the candy shop. I'm there every night. Why not come and play with me?

NEW!! Tilt Shopping Center

19" high x 30" wide

Tilt Shopping Center new works landscape watercolor painting

NEW!! Paradise Lost

22" high x 30" wide

Paradise Lost new works landscape watercolor painting
"Paradise Lost" - Marilyn heard the doctor's intonations, "You will see a beautiful tropical island where everything is warm and soft." As he hummed out the last words of his little speech she floated off into a dark Neverland. After an indeterminate amount of time she struggled to open her eyes. They would only open as wide as slits. Her head was heavy with bandages. She had pain in her facial area, and her whole body felt logy.

"Time to check your vital signs", the nurse said in a cheery voice. Marilyn submitted to the pokings and probings. "You're doing fine", she sang as she softly closed the door.

Marilyn closed her swollen eyelids and thought of the beautiful island once again. It made her feel better. She could smell the sweet perfume of the flowers. The natives were singing a soft deep rhythmic tune in the distance. The sun felt warm and the breezes soft around her body. She hoped the plastic surgery would make her as beautiful as "Paradise Lost".

NEW!! Forbidden Fruit

23" h x 38" w

Forbidden Fruit landscape watercolor painting

"Forbidden Fruit" - There they were, the "Forbidden Fruit" trees, just as described in his grandfather's will. John had been travelling for weeks, scouring the territory of his grandfather's ranch looking for these trees without luck. And then, suddenly, they seemed to appear out of nowhere. He had often told him about the treasures these fruit trees held. At first as a little boy, he was entranced with the tale, then as he got older he believed him more and more. When the grandfather died, he left his entire estate to various charities and nothing for the family. But John remembered the "Forbidden Fruit" trees and decided one summer to visit the area and search them out.

"There they are all right", he muttered to himself. He picked one up from the ground and cut it open. It was a strange looking fruit, like a cross between a grapefruit and an orange, and maybe another something, he thought. Then he bit into it, and suddenly the world changed into bazaar colors and sounds and rhythms. He fell onto the grass, delirious with strange and wonderful dreams. He was finally awakened with a gruff nudge. He opened his eyes to see a strange man standing above him. "You all right?" he said. "Yes, yes, I'm O.K." and he struggled to his feet, groggy and stiff but otherwise in good shape. "I guess I ate something that didn't agree with me", he said, brushing his clothes off. "Thank you, for helping me". John took one last look at the trees before grabbing his backpack and walking away. His grandfather had played one last joke on him. "I guess I deserved it", he thought resolving not to tell anyone in the family what had happened to him.

NEW!! Opening Day At The Aquarium

23" h x 38" w

Opening Day At The Aquarium landscape cityscape watercolor painting

NEW!! Farmer's Market

20" high x 40" wide

Farmers Market, still life painting, oil on canvas

"Farmer's Market" - There it was, just as expected and advertised; the monthly farmer's market where all the growers in the area brought their "harvest best" in hopes of a sell out. This is just a small portion of the market. It goes on for blocks and blocks with more unusual produce than you'll find in your supermarket. The fruit and vegetables are freshly picked and harvested and grown without pesticides. They are delicious and so healthy for you! Also the prices are wonderfully cheap. What could be better? Every month on the beach between Heaven and Hell you'll find them. Trust me; it's worth looking for and driving to.

NEW!! Fall Retreat

20" x 40"

Fall Retreat landscape watercolor painting

NEW!! Flying Carpets

20" x 40"

Flying Carpets landscape watercolor painting

NEW!! Art in the Park

19" x 39"

Art in the Park landscape acrylic painting

NEW!! Field of Dreams

20" x 38"

Field of Dreams landscape watercolor painting

NEW!! The Promenade

22 1/2" x 30"

The Promenade landscape watercolor painting

NEW!! L.A. Freeway

23" x 30"

L.A. Freeway landscape watercolor painting

NEW!! Pink Sand Beach

22" high x 30" wide

Pink Sand Beach landscape watercolor painting

NEW!! Beachin'

22" high x 30" wide

Beachin' landscape watercolor painting
"Beachin'" - What could be better than a sunny day on the glorious beaches of Santa Monica, California? NOTHING! From all my glorious days on these beaches I was inspired to create this image which incorporates the fun, warmth and beauty I've enjoyed on the beautiful sands of Santa Monica. How lucky I am to have this in my world!

NEW!! Contemplation

16" high x 20" wide
acrylic on canvas

Contemplation, figure painting, acrylic on canvas

NEW!! Persephone

20" high x 30" wide
watercolor on paper

Persephone, figure painting, watercolor on paper

NEW!! Where Is Auntie 'Em?

14 1/2" high"x 17 3/4" wide
mixed media

Where Is Auntie 'Em?, figure mixed media

NEW!! Katmandu

20" high x 16" wide
mixed media on paper

LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin.

Katmandu, figure mixed media

NEW!! Kinshassa & Ali

24" high x 16" wide
mixed media on paper

LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin.

Kinshassa & Ali, figure mixed media

NEW!! The Last Rose of Summer

24" high x 19" wide
mixed media on wood

LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin.

The Last Rose of Summer, figure mixed media

NEW!! Morning Runner

40" high x 50" wide
mixed media on paper

Morning Runner, figure painting, mixed media on paper

NEW!! Waves - pair

36" high x 18" wide
acrylic & brass on canvas

Waves abstract collage

NEW!! Purple Pansies

18" high x 24" wide
watercolor and collage

Purple Pansies still life floral painting

Love Birds - front viewLove Birds - bronze sculpture, front viewLove Birds - side viewLove Birds - bronze sculpture, side view
Love Birds - another side viewLove Birds - bronze sculpture, another side  viewLove Birds - back viewLove Birds - bronze sculpture, back view
NEW!! Love Birds

16" high x 15" wide x 6" deep
bronze sculpture

"Love Birds" - They rediscovered each other every year at the same time. When the flowers began blooming and the winds softened they would meet at their predesignated branch. Their greeting was as if they were complete strangers, not a committed couple with a twenty year bonded relationship. Their pecks were sweet and they would coo and softly cackle to each other all summer long. He helped her build the nest. Every year it was in a different tree in the apple orchard. As soon as the weather began to cool and the first rains softly fell, they would say their goodbye's with vows to meet next year, and the year after that until they had no more years. They would fly together as a pair until he would pick up speed, and she watched him soar off loving him more than she ever had before.

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