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contemporary mixed media artist

"Inspired by the possibility of materials."

Ione - Visionary Mixed Media Artist - Ethnic Assemblage and Found Object Collage

Ione Citrin video showing her abstract paintings

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:: LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin.

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What is an Icon? Icons are symbols of a particular culture and idealogy. They are meant to be easily recognizable and associated with a particular group of people. They have a specific reaction, depending on the audience, and will arouse emotions according to the viewer's sensibility.

Icons, to me, are very stimulating to my imagination, and, therefore, easy for me to interpret in my various art projects.

Anita Ekbird 006 - view 1Anita Ekbird - mixed media, view 1Anita Ekbird 006 - view 2Anita Ekbird - mixed media, view 2
Anita Ekbird 006 - view 3
Anita Ekbird - mixed media, view 3
NEW!! Anita Ekbird

20" high x 39" wide x 25" deep
mixed media

"Anita Ekbird" - Hello. My name is Anita. Anita Ekbird. Years ago in the 1950's I was a famous movie star. My name then was Anita Ekberg. I looked different then than I do now. I had long blond hair, big breasts, and I must say I turned heads whenever I strolled around. I appeared in many movies here in the U.S. and Europe, and was considered "hot" for the times.

When I died I was reincarnated as this lovely bird. I always believed in reincarnation, but didn't know exactly how it worked. I still don't. All I know is I shut my eyes and when I opened them again everything was different. I couldn't imagine what had happened to me. I thought I had some strange disease. I stumbled toward a mirror, and there was this strange creature. Ye gads!

Needless to say it took me many years to accept myself as I am today, and to learn to live with my new body. My mind didn't change, just my appearance. I had to learn to walk, talk, eat and interact with all the regular human beings who now stare at me with curiosity and fear. I make the best of it. C'est la vie.

Tree Sa - front viewTree Sa, figure mixed media assemblage sculptureTree Sa - side viewTree Sa, figure mixed media assemblage sculpture
Tree Sa - back viewTree Sa, figure mixed media assemblage sculptureTree Sa - angle back viewTree Sa, figure mixed media assemblage sculpture
NEW!! Tree Sa

49 1/2" high x 24" wide x 14 1/2" deep
mixed media assemblage sculpture

"Tree Sa" - About five years ago I noticed a large 3 ft. doll in the window of a Rite-Aid Store. It was being offered for $10 on an after-Xmas special sale. I couldn't resist. I bought the doll, not really knowing what I was going to do with her, and brought her to my studio. She was placed standing in a special area where she wouldn't get damaged and for all this time we've been staring at each other.

Finally, I had an urge to do something with her. I picked her up and brought her to a long table. She had an adorable dress on, shoes, pigtails with bows and eyes that opened and closed. I first undressed her, carefully saving her clothes for a future creation, and laid her down on my table. She looked human. She looked at me. I looked at her. Neither of us spoke.

Then I got a weird idea. I would open her up and put another sculpture within her abdominal area; like a fetus. I tried cutting through the plastic to no avail. This idea wouldn't work.

So, I stood her up, glued her joints so she was stationary, and began positioning different paper and scrap on her body to find something that "felt good" to me. Then I eyed some palm fronds which had also been sitting in my studio for a long time. I found these fronds in the street one day. Coming from Chicago where there are no palm trees, I didn't know what they were, but thought they were "interesting", so I added them to the rest of the "junk" in my studio. I tried these fronds against her, and it clicked. It looked good.

Now I knew I was going to make her into a tree. I glued the fronds all over her body, put leaves in her hair, glued a bird on her head and I was "in business". Now I will present her in my repertoire and hope a "savvy" collector falls in love with her the way I have.

Rudy the Robot - view 1Rudy the Robot - mixed media sculpture, view 1Rudy the Robot - view 2Rudy the Robot - mixed media sculpture, view 2Rudy the Robot - view 3
Rudy the Robot - mixed media sculpture, view 3
Rudy the Robot

29" high x 24 1/2" wide x 36" deep
mixed media sculpture

"Rudy The Robot" - New inventions were constantly appearing on the consumer market. Esther was a "gadget freak"

Her house was filled with the latest appliances, all very expensive, and all very wonderful. Then, one day when fidgeting around on the internet, Esther saw a website for "home robots". A robot that would do simple tasks upon command. "What a joy!" Esther thought. "How fun!" Immediately she sent away for the top of the line, "Rudy the Robot". When the huge crate arrived and was opened, she was surprised. She didn't realize how big the robot would be. He filled her small living room. His presence was "magnetic".

Esther immediately began fiddling with the controls, making the robot do little simple things; like, open the front door, shut the window, pull the drapes. Everything he did made her squeal with joy. He was so simple to operate. He did everything so perfectly! Eventually she had him doing chores around the house, like washing the dishes, making the bed, vacuuming. She couldn't believe it. When she first got him and told her friends about her "find", they thought she was nuts, so as time went on and the robot began doing more and more things for her, she stopped talking about him.

She loved making new demands on him. He never failed to do as he was ordered. Esther got to the point where she started talking to him. He would just stand there, his lights blinking, waiting for a command from the control panel. Then one lonely night she approached him and gave him a kiss on his cold metal dial. Even though he didn't and couldn't respond, she was in love with him. He was the perfect roommate, the perfect companion, never demanding and doing all her bidding without hesitation.

She began to scour the internet to see if there was an "advanced" version of Rudy, something not quite "so mechanical". She faithfully searched on a monthly basis knowing that technology would advance to the creation of a more "human-like" robot. As they came out on the market she kept getting updated versions of "Rudy the Robot". With each new "Rudy", she discovered he was able to do more and more "stuff" around the house. One time much to her delight he made her an egg. "Sunnyside up and perfect." That night she directed him to stand by her bed. His presence was comforting. As she drifted off to sleep she thought, "Maybe something softer; with hair and muscles".

African Queen - front viewAfrican Queen, figure mixed media sculptureAfrican Queen - side viewAfrican Queen, figure mixed media sculpture
NEW!! African Queen

34" high x 20" wide x 28" deep
mixed media sculpture

"African Queen" - She was discovered by Dr. Anthony Requiem in 1950 in Ghana. He was on an expedition to find a lost tribe of albino natives who kept themselves hidden because of their unusual skin color. He never found this tribe, but did discover this idol. He immediately recognized that this was an important artifact and brought it back to London, England where it was immediately sold at auction. Now available to you, "THE AFRICAN QUEEN".

NEW!! Funky Monkey

40" high x 30" wide
mixed media

Funky Monkey, figure mixed media
"Funky Monkey" - A dancer doin' the "Funky Monkey". "Funky Monkey" started with the background. I came across this black paper tapestry in a flea market, and instantly was drawn to it. From the background, the piece sprang to life with the African figure leaping in time to distant drums. I love to peruse flea markets, resale shops, hardware stores and the like. This is where I get a lot of my ideas for my mixed media work.

NEW!! Prophecy

20" high x 17" wide
mixed media

Prophecy mixed media
"Prophecy" - "They" didn't realize that "It" had finally happened. Their elders had predicted this event generations ago. The tribe had songs and dances telling of the explosion of the mountain and all the ensuing tragedies. Every year they would pray and think about making certain preparations in case this happened; but they never did. They really didn't know how, and had such a difficult life providing for themselves and their families, that anything extra for something so far fetched seemed a waste of good time. So they lived their daily lives...birthing, dying, laughing, crying, and looking with wonder at the huge mountain towering off in the distance. Every sundown and every morning at sunrise they would honor their gods with prayer, and always within the prayers were chants to save them from the evil volcano.

This afternoon, hell opened up and the devil finally got his way. The volcano erupted and a huge spew of flame and ash began to cover their beloved island. They ran, they knew not where, frantically searching for some safe place. However, there was no "safe place" on this island. Some fell, exhausted, and waited for death. Others became delirious running in circles. It was just a matter of time until the flames and molten lava would cover them and their island. The prophecy of their ancestors was finally coming true. All were doomed.

What they didn't know was that their small disaster was just a minute example of what the entire world was simultaneously experiencing. Just as predicted, "The button" had been pressed and life on this planet would never be the same. The volcanic eruption was only one small disaster in this tiny area of the world. The rest of earth was convulsing, erupting and collapsing from within. People all over the earth were scrambling to safety. The world was in chaos. The prophets were true. Unfortunately.

Broken Dreams

24" high x 48" wide
mixed media

Broken Dreams, figure mixed media

Impossible Dream

50" high x 40" wide
mixed media in shadow box

Impossible Dream, figure mixed media in a shadow box
"Impossible Dream" - is every female (or male) artist's artful daydream. The handsome model comes to life, takes her into his arms and sweeps her into his magical world of romance; only to return as the image on the canvas, never to materialize again. She diligently finishes the portrait, hoping he would materialize again, but it never happens. As time goes on, she is satisfied to gaze at her painting remembering her imaginary encounter. She never sells it.


14" high x 16" wide
mixed media on paper

Mermaid, figure mixed media on paper


40" high x 50" wide
mixed media on canvas

"Shahrzad" - A lovely mid-eastern woman daydreams in her garden window. This piece won a Gold Medal in the Amsterdam Art, "Nielson Bainbridge" competition.

Shahrzad mixed media on canvas

"Shahrzad" was motivated by my intense love of beauty, and a beautiful woman dressed up is extremely decorative. It was easy to create. I have a big imagination and a studio harboring a huge supply of paper scraps and junk in general. I began "Shahrzad" with the face. I photocopied and enlarged the face of a lovely model pictured in a fashion magazine. Then I painted the hair with thick acrylic paint. The rest of her evolved as all my works do, with "trial and error, cut and paste, and do it over and over with something else".

Her breasts are covered with bubble wrap, there are clips from an Arabic newspaper in the window, her body is painted in acrylic, and the rest are bits and pieces of paper gleaned from magazines/newspapers/books, etc. cut and pasted on the large surface of the painting.

It took many months of gestation, and then finally, "Shahrzad" was born.

I show her in various art shows and galleries and in 1999 she won the $3,000 "Nielson Bainbridge Gold Medal" - Mixed Media Category, Judged by Roy De Forest, San Francisco, CA


50" high x 50" wide
mixed media on wood

Marlena mixed media on wood

The Fan Club

24" high x 19" wide
mixed media

The Fan Club, figure mixed media

Witch Doctor

40" high x 30" wide
mixed media

Witch Doctor, figure mixed media

"Witch Doctor" was created in honor of Halloween. She was created from an assortment of found objects, i.e., twigs, straw, human hair, peacock feathers, carpet scraps, animal skeletons, paper, dried flowers, dried vegetation, copper tape, agates, feathered bird eggs, old jewelry, small metal animals, etc.

You see, I keep a large assortment of junk in my studio and when I get inspired, I pull everything out, making a huge mess, and start putting stuff together until it starts to form something recognizable. It usually starts with my attraction to an individual object, which starts me assembling around that object into the final piece.

Witch Doctors specialized in curing people with laughter and curiosity. "Happy Halloween"!

NEW!! Idols

18 1/2" high"x 18" wide
mixed media

Idols, figure mixed media

"The Idols" - These came about from a Styrofoam packing container which looked to me, in my "mind's eye", like little primitive dolls. I cut them out and decorated them with various pieces of broken jewelry and found objects and them placed them on a place mat and then a support board.

While I'm not driven to pray and genuflect in front of them, I do think they'd make a decorative addition to a room.

Yes It Is Me

38" high x 31" wide x 8" deep
mixed media

Yes It Is Me mixed media

"Yes It Is Me" - She had been wandering through the forest for days, her body energized by her desire to find "Him". She didn't really know what "He" looked like, but she felt that when she did come upon "Him", she would immediately be thunderstruck with recognition.

Her thoughts were a conglomoration of colors and voices from the past. She saw the disgruntled looks, the whispers, the shut doors, felt the sting of hands slapping and pinching her and it all compiled into one horrible nightmare. When she could no longer bear the visions she decided to look for her savior in the forest preserve.

"He will help. He will know what to do. He won't disappoint me", she muttered. Then a vision appeared in the sky. The black clouds parted and a face faded in and out. She knew it was "Him". She had found "Him"! She began to jump up and down and wildly wave her arms. Then she screamed "Yes, it is me!.........Here I am. Please help me!"

Hours later she was still screaming and waving her arms wildly when the police came and gently put her in their car to be transported to a mental hospital.

Miss L.A - front viewMiss L.A., figure mixed media diptychMiss L.A - back viewMiss L.A., figure mixed media diptych
Miss L.A.

26" high x 20" wide
mixed media diptych

Black Angel

40" high x 30" wide
mixed media

Black Angel mixed media

Treasure of Indiana Jones

21" high x 23" wide x 9" deep
mixed media
wall sculpture

Treasure of Indiana Jones mixed media


21" high x 21" wide x 9" deep
mixed media wall sculpture

Kwanza, mixed media wall sculpture


16" high x 12" wide
mixed media in plexiglass

Fetish, figure mixed media in plexiglass

Go Fly A Kite

14" high x 10" wide
mixed media on paper

Go Fly A Kite, figure mixed media on paper

The Family

28" high x 22" wide
wood carving

The Family, wood carving

NEW!! Where Is Auntie 'Em?

14 1/2" high"x 17 3/4" wide
mixed media

Where Is Auntie 'Em?, figure mixed media

"Where is Auntie 'Em?" - Auntie 'Em had a problem. She had a hard life. She didn't finish school, never worked, never married, didn't socialize much, but she did have one close friend; Alcohol. She was never without her bottle. It was always by her side, drying her hard luck tears, warming her cold heart, and never complaining. What a great friend! Whenever we couldn't locate Auntie 'Em, we'd just look around the house on all the floors, underneath or behind the furniture, and eventually she'd show up. I decided to do this collage in her honor.

Mommie Dearest

36" high x 36" wide
mixed media

Mommie Dearest, mixed  media figures

"Mommie Dearest" - The cruel mother, stiff, unrelenting, unloving, making her innocent daughter cry and cry and cry. Unfortunately women who are not mentally equipped to love and cherish their offspring have children who are subjected to their mother's damaging attitudes.

NEW!! The Lovers

18 1/2" high x 14" wide
wood carving

The Lovers, wood carving


24" high x 36" wide
mixed media in plexiglass box

"Ramses" - This piece is a finalist in the experimental category, 2001 Annual Art Exhibition - The Artist's Magazine. It depicts an Egyptian mummy in front of his dreams.

Ramses mixed media


40" high x 30" wide
mixed media on paper

Spectrum, figure painting, mixed media on paper

Spectrum #1

30" high x 20" wide
mixed media

Spectrum #1 mixed media

"Spectrum" - A collage representing man through the ages. The nude man reflects some of his inside organs representing his vulnerability. He is holding on to a Gucci watch; marking time. The coliseum to the right of him is still standing, the rock star to the upper left of him is probably dead from an overdose of drugs. Notice he is positioned in front of Las Vegas, where he did his last gig. The native woman dancing underneath him is in the throes of a ritualistic dance. There are skulls of her ancestors underneath her feet. A conglomeration representing various facets of modern man.

Kon Tiki

30" high x 40" wide
mixed media

Kon Tiki mixed media

NEW!! The Bone Setter

30" high x 40" wide
mixed media in shadow box

The Bone Setter, mixed media


24" high x 28" wide x 8" deep
mixed media

Blowfish mixed media

Medicine Chest - open viewMedicine Chest - mixed media, closed viewMedicine Chest - closed viewMedicine Chest - mixed media, open view
Medicine Chest

25" circle with tail
mixed media

"Medicine Chest" - The medicine chest represents the secret of illness I kept from my family and the world...

Many years ago I had a terrible infection and had to be put on a "pic" line and injected with antibiotics. I was very very sick, but refused to tell anyone about my ordeal. I've lived with a "superwoman" complex my entire life and refuse to show weakness.

When I was cured I noticed I still had a supply of injection needles/pipes and other medical paraphernalia associated with my illness. I also had this strange skull within my repertoire of assemblage junk in my studio. I was inspired to put them all together and create this piece titled "Medicine Chest".

The Creature

36" circle
mixed media

The Creature, mixed media


31" high x 23 1/2" wide
mixed media

Caged, mixed media

The Midwife

50" x 50" Diamond
mixed media in plexiglass box
The Midwife mixed media

"The Midwife" - A surreal African midwife and all the births she administered during her long career - an award winner! 1st prize in the "Black History Month" art exhibition at the Second City Council, Long Beach, CA February 2002.

"Manhattan Arts International" Showcase Award, "Herstory" juried competition, New York, NY

This is done in a large diamond shaped plexiglass box frame.


50" high x 40" wide
paper sculpture in plexiglass box

Ra the sungod, an ancient idol is an award winner too. Honorable Mention & Showcase Awards were given by North Light Cover Contest, Manhattan Arts & Entertainment Magazine - 7th Annual Competition, and the Sacramento Fine Arts Center.

LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin.

Ra paper sculpture

NEW!! Sacrifice

30" high x 24" wide
mixed media on paper

Sacrifice mixed media on paper

NEW!! Mardi Gras

30" high x 20" wide
mixed media on paper

Mardi Gras, mixed media acrylic and steel mesh with oil on canvas

NEW!! Africanz

16" high x 16" wide
mixed media

Africanz mixed media

Makondi Man mixed mediaAzteca mixed media
NEW!! Makondi Man

22" high x 16" wide
mixed media

NEW!! Azteca

22" high x 16" wide
mixed media

Music Man

24" high x 18" wide

Music Man, pastel

The Hornblower

40" high x 30" wide
pastel on paper

The Hornblower, pastel on paper

:: PUZZLE SERIES - puzzle mixed media paintings by Ione Citrin

King & Queen

17" high x 17" wide
mixed media

King & Queen abstract mixed media painting

The Lady is a Puzzle

17" high x 17" wide
mixed media

The Lady is a Puzzle abstract mixed media painting

3 Puzzled Fishies

17" high x 17" wide
mixed media

3 Puzzled Fishies abstract mixed media painting

Jigsaw Couple

17" high x 17" wide
mixed media

Jigsaw Couple abstract mixed media painting

Puzzlin' Around

17" high x 17" wide
mixed media

Puzzlin' Around,  abstract mixed media painting


23" high x 23" wide x 5" deep
mixed media

Gadget mixed media

The Factory

48" high x 24" wide
mixed media

The Factory mixed media

Fancy Fan

40" high x 30" wide
mixed media assemblage

Fancy Fan, mixed media assemblage

Shell Of Treasure

36" high x 36" wide
mixed media in plexiglass

Shell Of Treasure, mixed media in plexiglass

"Shell of Treasure" - Walking along the lovely Santa Monica beach I find wonderful shells, fish skeletons, lost jewelry, and all the sundry "washed-up", dried up and left-over's of life on the beach. These are truly little treasures and I cannot resist picking them up and storing them in my studio. One day I looked at my "stash" and realized I should do something with my loot, so I created "Shell of Treasure" made from the sands of the Santa Monica Beach/Pacific Ocean.

Victorian Lady

36" high x 18" wide
mixed media assemblage

Victorian Lady, mixed media assemblage

The Village

36" high x 18" wide
mixed media

The Village, mixed media

Sea Flower

16" high x 24" wide
mixed media on wood

Sea Flower, mixed media on wood

Glass Pinata

23" high x 16" wide
mixed media

Glass Pinata mixed media

"Glass Pinata" - A mixed media piece housed in a plexiglass box frame consisting of 90% colored glass pieces arranged on hand made paper depicting a central flower surrounded by petals.

Sign of the Cross

40" x 30"
mixed media
Cover - Art Calendar, December 2002 issue.

Sign of the Cross mixed media


42" high x 37" wide x 37" deep
mixed media sculpture
M'Lady, mixed media sculpture

"M'Lady" started out as a paper mache figure wantonly sitting in an art supply store begging for attention. An imaginative artist saw her, and somehow related to her. An instant purchase brought her back to the artist's studio where she came to life and realized her full potential.

You see, the artist supported herself with the "easy dollar", i.e. the money she received for her favors from her various lovers. And so in response to her current life, she began to work on the torso. First she cut a big cavern in the abdomen area, leaving a piece of the paper mache like a runway into the figure's body. Then she began to decorate the body, with bangles representing flashy jewelry, her nightly armor. On the piece laying in the foreground she put a large amount of bills representing the money she earns.

Then, because this life was a self-enforced "jail sentence", I built a steel cage and set her in it. There is a little door with a little padlock on it. It is practically invisible, and she is too large and unwieldy to get through it. So she is forever "trapped".

She represents the women I have known who lead trapped lives. Women who prefer to stay in an unhappy situation rather than brave the world and change their current situation. What kind of woman are you?

The Old Gang - front viewThe Old Gang, figure mixed mediaThe Old Gang - detail viewThe Old Gang, figure mixed media
The Old Gang

71" high x 54" wide x 11" deep
mixed media

"The Old Gang" - Started with an old pallett found in an alley. Immediately drawn to the depressions in the pallette, I decided to fill them with funny faces of different men. I started with one, then thought of another type of person, and then another.

Then I realized these guys were home boys, all growing up in a particular neighborhood, going to the same schools, and so kept their little clique together throughout their lives.

NEW!! Katmandu

20" high x 16" wide
mixed media on paper

LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin.

Katmandu, figure mixed media

NEW!! Kinshassa & Ali

24" high x 16" wide
mixed media on paper

LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin.

Kinshassa & Ali, figure mixed media

NEW!! The Last Rose of Summer

24" high x 19" wide
mixed media on wood

LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin.

The Last Rose of Summer, figure mixed media

NEW!! Morning Runner

40" high x 50" wide
mixed media on paper

Morning Runner, figure painting, mixed media on paper

The Mummy - front viewThe Mummy, figure mixed media sculptureThe Mummy - rear viewThe Mummy, figure mixed media sculpture
NEW!! The Mummy

40" high x 35" wide x 35" deep
mixed media sculpture

LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin.

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