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contemporary mixed media artist

Ione Citrin - Contemporary Artist - Middle East Artwork Paintings

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Arabian Nights

16" high x 12" wide
oil on canvas
Arabian Nights Middle East oil on canvas painting

"Arabian Nights" - A fantasy abstract simulating a Middle Eastern Aura.

Flying Carpets

20" x 40"

Flying Carpets Middle East watercolor painting

"Flying Carpets" - I've traveled all over the Middle East and North Africa, but never did I come across a carnival. When dreaming up another painting, I thought, "How fun! Put together some of the vivid memories from my travels to these far away land and situate them in a 'fun fair' atmosphere!" That's how "Flying Carpets" developed. Look closely and you'll see camels instead of horses on the Merry-Go-Round, and other little ethnic inserts.


18" high x 16" wide
oil on paper

Laila Middle East painting, oil on paper

"Laila" - This is what she looked like last year. You wouldn't want to see what she looks like today. She fell in love with the wrong man, a man her family didn't approve of...a Jew...a married Jew...a black Jew.

She stayed with him against her family's wishes and threats. Finally one night her brothers, Jamal and Ahmed, came and got her at gunpoint, took her away from her forbidden lover and cut her ears and nose off. She lay bleeding on the dirt road. Eventually she was discovered and brought to the local doctor. He did what he could and sent her home. Terrible infections followed, but the village she lived in was in a remote mountainous area far from any sophisticated medical services.

Her mother did her best, but Laila needed sophisticated care. Unbelievably she lived, her outside and insides severely damaged. She stayed in the shack with her family; there was nothing else she could do. Her brothers suffered no remorse; they were righteous in their attack. Her parents never mentioned it and her mother hide all mirrors from her. Her former lover moved to Israel, afraid to ever contact her again. Islamic law rules.

The Four Graces

24" high x 28" wide
watercolor on paper

The Four Graces Middle East painting, watercolor on paper


36" high x 24" wide
oil on canvas
Tehran Middle East oil on canvas


36" x 24"
mixed media

Why? Middle East mixed media

"Why?" - War comes from a primitive part of the human brain. Humans are capable of both great acts of kindness and horrible acts of murder and destruction. Individual citizens are always wonderful, lovely people, but their leaders get crazy with greed and power, causing terrible atrocities to occur.

We should all be above these despicable acts, but somehow get mesmorized into cultivating and permitting hate and distrust. Wouldn’t it be a sensational world if this section of the human brain could be modified into generosity, goodness and kindness?

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