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contemporary landscape artist
Ione - Contemporary Landscape and Cityscape Artist: tropical, forest, waterfalls, cityscapes, city and urban scenes - oil paintings

Ione Citrin video showing her representational artworks and paintings

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:: LANDSCAPE/CITYSCAPE PAINTINGS: tropical, forest, waterfalls, cityscapes, city and urban scenes.



NEW!! Copper Canyon

21 1/2" high x 30" wide

Copper Canyon landscape watercolor painting

NEW!! Topiary Treasures

22 1/2" high x 30" wide

Topiary Treasures new works landscape watercolor painting

"Topiary Treasures" - At night these bushes come alive and run around the park getting their exercise, feeding on butterflies and trying to mate with each other. I know this because I like to come here after dark and watch them. I climb out of the window from my mental hospital and run a couple of miles to get to this wonderful park to play with these special animal/bushes. If you'd like to join me it's on the Yellow Brick Road two stops past the candy shop. I'm there every night. Why not come and play with me?

NEW!! Fall Retreat

20" x 40"

Fall Retreat landscape watercolor painting
"Fall Retreat" - It was just a little house high on a hill that had been deserted a long time ago. The weeds had overtaken the garden and climbed all over the outside of the house; probably on the inside as well. It held a fascination for her. Every year she would come to this area, first with her parents, then with her girlfriends, then with her husband, then with her husband and children, and now, once again, alone.

She always walked from her cabin, miles away, to see if the house was still there and had it changed? It was a fascination for her. She saw the house change along with her life. Everything grew old and shabby without care and maintenance. The house was a perfect example of the changes of life. Marcy never tried to make contact with what the inside held. She was a little timid, and now that so much time had passed and it was so obviously deserted, she figured it would be O.K. to try to open the door and see what the insides looked like.

She trudged up the hill. The windows were so filthy she couldn't see anything inside. She walked slowly around and around the house; walked to the front door, tried the handle, but just couldn't bring herself to push and open. With a sigh she stepped back and whispered, "let it be", and turned away. Next year she would return, and again come to this area, "just to see if it was still there".

NEW!! Flying Carpets

20" x 40"

Flying Carpets landscape watercolor painting

"Flying Carpets" - I've traveled all over the Middle East and North Africa, but never did I come across a carnival. When dreaming up another painting, I thought, "How fun! Put together some of the vivid memories from my travels to these far away land and situate them in a 'fun fair' atmosphere!" That's how "Flying Carpets" developed. Look closely and you'll see camels instead of horses on the Merry-Go-Round, and other little ethnic inserts.

NEW!! Art in the Park

19" x 39"

Art in the Park landscape acrylic painting
"Art in the Park" - What a wonderful experience to attend an open air art exhibition in a lovely park! I have attended many and exhibited in many, and always enjoyed the colorful interplay of artists, their creations and their audience.

There is always a feeling of excitement and anticipation, as people discover pieces they love, (or hate). You see hungry artists representing their hard work and talent, and the collectors that make or break them. The atmosphere is thick with emotion, "Will she buy that for her den?", "That will not work in my dining room, I need something with more blue." And so on and so forth.

The art and the people are great, and I sincerely recommend attending whatever outdoor art festivals/shows are in your bailiwick. I have some solo shows coming up in the near future, and I'd love to meet you at one of them if at all possible. These solo shows are listed below.

NEW!! The Promenade

22 1/2" x 30"

The Promenade landscape watercolor painting

NEW!! Tilt Shopping Center

19" high x 30" wide

Tilt Shopping Center landscape watercolor painting

NEW!! Basquiat Lives

23" high x 30" wide

Basquiat Lives landscape watercolor painting
"Basquiat Lives" - Yes, I am Basquiat, alive in the imaginations and desires of artists all over the world who wish to express themselves on the sides of buildings, fences, bridges, and wherever else they can find a space for their ideas.

These people, like me, don't have the "wherewithal" to show their art in galleries, museums, art shows, etc. They are forced to take their paints and brushes and spray cans to the streets of the world. I had the amazing luck to be "discovered" by the art aficionados of New York City, and quickly became their "darling". I couldn't handle the situation, and fell victim to my own depression. I ended it all, and now my paintings sell for millions. Had I had enough foresight I could have funded my own art movement which would have enabled young visionaries a way to learn, develop and expose their ideas to an appreciative audience. Now, I visit these artisans in their dreams and thoughts, instilling the urge to create and exhibit their talents on the only canvases they have available to them.

NEW!! L.A. Freeway

23" x 30"

L.A. Freeway landscape watercolor painting

"L.A. Freeway" - I had just driven in from Chicago on the #66 and got hit immediately with a throng of automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and etc. all traveling as if mesmerized and driven by an invisible devil. They all seemed to know where they were going. I didn't. I was trying to find the hotel in Marina Del Rey where I had reserved a room. This was 26 years ago, and I'm still locked in traffic driving from one freeway to the next looking for the hotel in Marina Del Rey. I've gone from the 405 to the 210 to the 823 to the 0003 to the 120 to the 67 to the 5 to the 345 to the 760 to the 12 and covered every street in between. I can't seem to get off the freeways. I'm tired. HELP!

NEW!! Field of Dreams

20" x 38"

Field of Dreams landscape watercolor painting

"Field of Dreams" - Janice stood on a precipice overlooking a field of constantly changing colors. At first she thought her eyes were deceiving her. Then she thought she had taken the wrong dose of daily prescription pills early this morning. Then she thought she was having a hallucination. She rubbed her eyes. "Nope, still there", she muttered. Then she sat down, all choked up with fear and watched the changing scene before her. Her eyes searched the surrounding bushes for strange demons, but everything was calm and serene. Not even a fly or mosquito to disturb the beautiful vision before her. It was too much for her to absorb. She got up and walked slowly home.

The next day, after a restless night of tossing and turning and strange dreams about flowers eating her legs off, she awoke. Over a lazy breakfast, she thought about what she had seen yesterday, and knew she had to revisit this amazing field to see if the changing colors were still happening.

She walked slowly to the same spot she stood before, and there it was. Today the colors were in pinks and lavenders. Nothing too bold or bright, soft pastels. She sat down in a patch of daisies and continued drinking in the strange sight. She decided to come back the next day with a camera to record and justify what she was looking at. But the next day the camera revealed a beautiful field of normal colors. She snapped pictures every half hour, but the film showed no color changes whatsoever. "What to do?", she muttered.

All summer she returned to see if this strange effect was still happening, and it did, every day. She decided not to tell anyone or bring anyone to this magical place for fear of being made fun of. She kept it to herself, and when the summer was over and she had to return to school in the city; she knew she would keep this secret forever in her heart.

NEW!! Forbidden Fruit

23" h x 38" w

Forbidden Fruit landscape watercolor painting

"Forbidden Fruit" - There they were, the "Forbidden Fruit" trees, just as described in his grandfather's will. John had been travelling for weeks, scouring the territory of his grandfather's ranch looking for these trees without luck. And then, suddenly, they seemed to appear out of nowhere. He had often told him about the treasures these fruit trees held. At first as a little boy, he was entranced with the tale, then as he got older he believed him more and more. When the grandfather died, he left his entire estate to various charities and nothing for the family. But John remembered the "Forbidden Fruit" trees and decided one summer to visit the area and search them out.

"There they are all right", he muttered to himself. He picked one up from the ground and cut it open. It was a strange looking fruit, like a cross between a grapefruit and an orange, and maybe another something, he thought. Then he bit into it, and suddenly the world changed into bazaar colors and sounds and rhythms. He fell onto the grass, delirious with strange and wonderful dreams. He was finally awakened with a gruff nudge. He opened his eyes to see a strange man standing above him. "You all right?" he said. "Yes, yes, I'm O.K." and he struggled to his feet, groggy and stiff but otherwise in good shape. "I guess I ate something that didn't agree with me", he said, brushing his clothes off. "Thank you, for helping me". John took one last look at the trees before grabbing his backpack and walking away. His grandfather had played one last joke on him. "I guess I deserved it", he thought resolving not to tell anyone in the family what had happened to him.

NEW!! Paradise Lost

22" high x 30" wide

Paradise Lost landscape watercolor painting
"Paradise Lost" - Marilyn heard the doctor's intonations, "You will see a beautiful tropical island where everything is warm and soft." As he hummed out the last words of his little speech she floated off into a dark Neverland. After an indeterminate amount of time she struggled to open her eyes. They would only open as wide as slits. Her head was heavy with bandages. She had pain in her facial area, and her whole body felt logy.

"Time to check your vital signs", the nurse said in a cheery voice. Marilyn submitted to the pokings and probings. "You're doing fine", she sang as she softly closed the door.

Marilyn closed her swollen eyelids and thought of the beautiful island once again. It made her feel better. She could smell the sweet perfume of the flowers. The natives were singing a soft deep rhythmic tune in the distance. The sun felt warm and the breezes soft around her body. She hoped the plastic surgery would make her as beautiful as "Paradise Lost".

NEW!! Farmer's Market

20" high x 40" wide

Farmers Market, landscape cityscape painting, oil on canvas

"Farmer's Market" - There it was, just as expected and advertised; the monthly farmer's market where all the growers in the area brought their "harvest best" in hopes of a sell out. This is just a small portion of the market. It goes on for blocks and blocks with more unusual produce than you'll find in your supermarket. The fruit and vegetables are freshly picked and harvested and grown without pesticides. They are delicious and so healthy for you! Also the prices are wonderfully cheap. What could be better? Every month on the beach between Heaven and Hell you'll find them. Trust me; it's worth looking for and driving to.

NEW!! Opening Day At The Aquarium

23" h x 38" w

Opening Day At The Aquarium landscape cityscape watercolor painting

"Opening Day At The Aquarium" - 'Twas opening day at the new aquarium. The doors were pulled open at exactly 10:00 A.M., and the crowd of lookie-loo's swarmed in. It was a varied assortment of people exactly like the assortment of fish in the huge tanks. The people looked at the fish and the fish looked back. Each species of life trying to figure out the other. Each colorful, each trying to communicate within their own species, each trying to live. "Do you know that my science teacher told me that we evolved from these fish?" The little boy said to his mother.

"No kidding!" the mother replied.

"Oh, I think I see one that looks just like Grandma Pearl." And so the day went.

NEW!! Beachin'

22" high x 30" wide

Beachin' landscape watercolor painting
"Beachin'" - What could be better than a sunny day on the glorious beaches of Santa Monica, California? NOTHING! From all my glorious days on these beaches I was inspired to create this image which incorporates the fun, warmth and beauty I've enjoyed on the beautiful sands of Santa Monica. How lucky I am to have this in my world!

NEW!! Pink Sand Beach

22" high x 30" wide

Pink Sand Beach landscape watercolor painting
"Pink Sand Beach" - Pink Sand Beach is located in the Valley of My Mind. It is a remote place I visit whenever I want to get away from the stress of everyday life. It is quiet, warm and calm; everything I need to adjust my attitude. I visit there for a few minutes every day. Sometimes more. I dream a bit, float along in the water, wash myself up on the beach, dry off in the sun and return to reality. Pink Sand Beach is a trip I'd recommend to everyone. It is there for all, in the recesses of your imagination; you just have to search it out.

Flowering Trees landscape oil paintingTres Trees Crushed landscape oil painting
Flowering Trees

32" high x 36" wide
crushed series
oil on canvas hexagon
Tres Trees

32" high x 36" wide
crushed series
oil on canvas hexagon


46" x 36"
acrylic on canvas

Neverland landscape acrylic painting
"Neverland" - Yes, this piece was stimulated by all the commotion over the death of Michael Jackson. I have never visited "Neverland", so I dreamt up what my "Neverland" would be...A fantasy world where everything is beautiful, everything is peaceful, everything is know, "Neverland". Like Michael Jackson we all search for our own "Neverland's", hopefully this oil painting will put you in a dreamland for a few moments where you can relax and find beauty and peace.


20" high x 14" wide

Napa landscape original pastel painting
"Napa" - I'm from Chicago and had never seen Northern California until 1984. ╩When I finally got there I was amazed at the beauty of the region and how different it looked from Southern California. This beauty stayed in my mind until I was able to translate it with my pastels into this painting. No need to travel the world for gorgeous scenery, it's right here in the U.S.

The Valley

36" x 46"
oil on canvas

The Valley landscape original oil on canvas painting
"The Valley" - There is a valley. A Beautiful colorful valley. I stand on a high hill overlooking this depression in the land, and drink in its beauty. There are separate squares of color, delineating different bounty in each. I have no idea what is being grown, and really don't care. I just like to gaze at it. Maybe there is no vegetation growing in the valley. Maybe its just different colors of soil. Maybe there is gold or diamonds or oil to be found in this valley. Maybe nothing. One day I will venture down into it and discover its mystery. For now I'm satisfied to imagine what magic could be there, rather than be disappointed.

Sophie came upon the valley during a long hike through the neighboring hills of her cottage. It spread out before her like a multi-patched quilt of colors. It caught her breath for a moment as it filled her eyes and she drank in its beauty. She didn't know where she was, didn't follow a set trail or directions, she just plunged out of her house on an early Sunday morning to drink in the beautiful weather and surroundings, and suddenly came upon this beautiful rift in the earth.

She sat down on a patch of grass and with her binoculars scoured the earth that lay before her. She could make out the vegetation that formed the various colorations. It was so interesting to her; she sat there for hours ruminating on life, love and all the universal questions of man. The hours drifted before her until she realized she should move on with her hike and her life. She would come back tomorrow. There was always "tomorrow".

The Ranch

24" x 36"
oil on canvas

The Ranch landscape original oil on canvas painting

My Secret Place

24" x 36"
oil on canvas

My Secret Place landscape original oil on canvas painting
"My Secret Place" - This is a place where I go to meditate, pray and daydream. A beautiful, soft quiet place where I'm not bothered by anything, except an occasional fly or mosquito. The winds are soft and warm and comforting. I am in my "zone". I think only beautiful thoughts, nothing menacing. I leave the menacing ones for my nightmares which I experience almost every night. This is "My Secret Place". Do you have one?

Purple Hills

24" x 26"
oil on canvas

Purple Hills landscape original oil on canvas painting

Sapphire Lake

24" x 36"
oil on canvas

Sapphire Lake landscape original oil on canvas painting

To Pasture

24" x 36"
oil on canvas

To Pasture landscape original oil on canvas painting

River of No Return

24" x 36"
oil on canvas

River of No Return landscape original oil on canvas painting

Long Road Home

36" x 26"
oil on canvas

Long Road Home landscape original oil on canvas painting
"Long Road Home" - Everything was exactly the way Stephanie remembered it. Nothing had changed. The road was still rocky and unmanageable. She hoped the tires on her new car wouldn't blow. It was many years since she last traveled this road. The last time she vowed never to return.

But, here it was, twenty-five years later and she was indeed going home to her father's funeral. Stephanie had mixed emotions about this trip. Relatives and friends she hadn't seen since the last trip, neighbors she avoided, souvenirs of a disturbed and unhappy childhood. This trip couldn't be avoided.

The will would be read and she hoped her father hadn't cut her out. She wanted something for being born, something for all the hardships she endured, something for the life that was so tormented. Possibly some of his millions would gloss over the past and she could forgive him. The will would be read after the funeral. Until then she had to put up with everything and everyone. She said a silent prayer as she traveled "Long Road Home".

Guardian Angel

40" x 30"
oil on canvas

Guardian Angel landscape original oil on canvas painting

Repulse Bay

30" h x 40" w
oil on canvas

Repulse Bay landscape original oil on canvas painting

"Repulse Bay" - I had the opportunity to visit Hong Kong last year and took many photographs with the idea of preserving my visions in oil on canvas, and "Repulse Bay" was one of my many lovely memories. I hope you like seeing it through my eyes.

Cherry Blossom Time

20" x 16" oval
oil on canvas

Cherry Blossom Time landscape original oil on canvas painting

"Cherry Blossom TIme" - Japan was a fabulous trip. Full of history, mystery and sushi. I loved visiting the temples, the mountain hide-a-ways, wandering through the myriad of shops in Tokyo, and, of course, this scene of Mt. Fuji was one of my major delights. I could never capture it with the wonder of first experience, but I hope you can imagine the beauty of this part of the world. The only thing I would not recommend is the Japanese breakfasts. They eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rice, Fish and Soup. I need my Cheerios in the morning!

NEW!! Ballooning

34" x 24"
acrylic on canvas

Ballooning landscape acrylic painting

"Ballooning" - I had a disturbing dream where I was on a mountain top with my family and we were trying to grab the strings of the balloons which were floating above our heads. We wanted to get off the mountain top and we knew if we could grab onto the balloon strings they would take us to safety. They were all around us, but we couldn't quite grab their strings. Try as we might, we just couldn't connect. I don't know if we ever got off the mountain top, 'cause the alarm rang and I woke up.

Magical Meeting

36" x 24"
oil on canvas

Magical Meeting landscape oil painting

"Magical Meeting" - The chief of Kanchiskucha jealously protected his daughter from would-be suitors. No one was good enough for his beautiful daughter. Actually he desired her, but would not act on these feelings. When he discovered she had already given her heart to the young warrior Chanka, he cast a mighty spell about her, turning her into a waterfall and dooming her to separation from her lover for all eternity.

In the light of the full moon it is said that their ghosts are seen on opposite cliffs of the waterfall, arms outstretched in yearning.

The Falls

46" x 46"
oil on wood

The Falls landscape oil painting

"The Falls" - I enjoyed painting these falls. They are a combination of all the waterfalls I've seen during my extensive travels all over the world. Big waterfalls are definitely a tourist attraction, so wherever I toured, from Niagra Falls to Victoria Falls, they were a high point of my trip and my memories.

I didn't have to look at a photograph to paint this picture. The memories are so riveted in my sub-conscious that I just began painting and improvising and after much trial and error...out came "The Falls"! Amazing what you can squeeze out of your memories/imagination when you open the gate and let them out and then play with them.

Spring Thaw

46" x 46"
oil on wood

Spring Thaw landscape oil painting

"Spring Thaw" - Painting is a pilgrimage - a journey into the mystery of creation and, through that sacred path, ultimately a journey into the deepest reaches of my soul. If in my painting I am successful in reaching my goal, then I see it as a bridge into you. Do you feel cold looking at "Spring Thaw"?

Fantastic Forest

46" x 46"
oil on wood

Fantastic Forest landscape oil painting

The Peaks

46" x 46"
oil on wood

The Peaks landscape oil painting

First Frost

11" high x 14" wide

First Frost landscape acrylic painting


46" x 36"
oil on wood

Sunshower landscape oil painting

Flying Fish

46" x 36"
oil on board

flying fish landscape oil painting

Silver Pond

36" x 30"
oil on wood

silver pond landscape oil painting

Willow Weep For Me

24" x 18"
oil on canvas

willow weep for me landscape oil painting

The Jacarandas

20" x 24"
oil on canvas

The Jacarandas landscape oil painting

Country Road

24" x 26"
oil on canvas

Country Road landscape oil painting
"Country Road" - The beauty of the sun filtering through the fall trees made Jolene pause. She rolled her car to a stop and drank in the lovely scene.

Deciding to take some pictures, she began shooting from the window of her car. She took all her photographs through the window of her car. It was too difficult for her to get out and walk on an unpaved area with prosthetic legs. She wasn't entirely used to them yet. It was frustrating shooting film this way. She couldn't get as many different angles as she would have liked, but she "made do", as always.

Some of the photographs were quite pretty, and she would print them out as note cards on her computer. They became gifts and trade-offs with her friends. It was no panacea, but it kept her busy. Kept her mind off the "accident" that took the life of her family along with her legs. Clicking away, she sighed. She felt exhausted from the few hours of touring around and taking photographs. She needed her medicine and a nap, and began her struggle home.

The Blue Canoe

20" x 24"
oil on canvas

The Blue Canoe landscape oil painting

Mount Whitney

11" x 14"
crushed series
oil on canvas

Mount Whitney landscape oil painting

Mojave Sunset

28" x 24"
acrylic on canvas

Mojave Sunset desert landscape abstract oil painting

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