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Ione at the Arclight Theater

"River of Gold"
Wall Sculpture
"Sun Already Set"
Acrylic on Wood - Diptych

Ione Citrin at the opening of her solo show at the Arc Light Theater in Pasadena, CA.

dear art afficianados
This picture was taken on the day my solo show opened at the Arc Light Theatre in Pasadena, CA. There are many more paintings on exhibit, but I thought you would be interested in these as a sampling. The show extends through the end of September when it moves to the Arc Light Theatre in El Segundo, CA. Then in the spring of 2012 I will exhibit more works at the Arc Light Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

These two particular paintings required the skill of an experienced carpenter, because wood is the main support. I merely gave the measurements and drew a pattern for the carpenter to follow, and after much angst, they were produced for me to continue my artful ideas.

"River of Gold" has a depression zig zagging down the middle and is filled with bronze jewel-like artifacts, whereas the other painting, "Sun Already Set" is a diptych contemplating a sunset over a lagoon. This diptych is one of a series of six pieces, all concerning sunsets of various happenstances and can be found on my website, in the abstract gallery.

There are many more paintings on exhibit at the Arc Light Pasadena Theatre, however, here is a listing of some other art shows where my paintings and/or sculptures are on display which might be in an area closer to where you reside.

"The only thing in this world more prevalent than loneliness is beauty. This is why I live, this is why I paint." ~ Unknown Sage
selected exhibitions   group exhibitions

2011 Aug/Sept. - "Night of a Hundred Angels" - The Cottage Gallery - Laguna Beach, CA, Juried by Patrick Whelan/Artist, Murray Kruger/Artist, Vito Leonardo Scaarola/Artist, Robert Schaar/Artist, Javier Alvarez/Artist.
2011 Aug/Sept. "Summer" - Juried by Charles Phoenix/Artist - 2nd City Council - Long Beach, CA
2011 August "Abstracts" - Juried by Douglass Orr/Curator - Gallery Expo - Long Beach, CA
2011 June 2011 to June 2012 "13th Annual Landscape Juried Online Int'l" Juried by Laurence Bradshaw- Curator/Art Prof.
2011 June/Aug. "Nature" - Juried by Christine Cote/Gallery Owner
2011 June/Aug "Depth of Meaning" - Juried by Marjorie Kaye/Curator -
2011 June/Aug "Coloring Outside The Lines" - ArtScene Today Competition - 2 pieces - "Blood On The Moon" & "Landing Field" - Selected Finalists.
2011 June/July. "14th Annual Open - ISAP Int'l" - Juried by Betsy Dillard Stroud/ Artist - Santa Cruz, CA
2011 Horse Sayings Published by
2011 Cover of Arte al Limite Magazine
July issue - Chile
2011 The Glass Coin Virtual Magazine -
2011 )Mad Magicks( - Emerging Visions #20 - Visionary Art Zine
2011 Still Point Arts Quarterly - Summer 2011 Issue
2011 Creative Quarterly 23 Summer Issue
2011 Arts Alive March Issue - Online Art Publication - Artist Interview/pictures.
2011 Mandala Journal / April, 2011 issue "Sisters"
2011 Form & Color, The Book - 3 images - "Katmandu", "Tree-sa" - "Azteca"
2011 Burner Magazine March Issue - "Music 13" - "Broken Dreams" & "Where is Auntie 'Em?" - WWW.BURNERMAG.COM.


2012 March"ArtExpo" N.Y., NY
2012 March "Red Dot" - Miami, FL
2012 Feb. "Palm Beach Contemporary" - Palm Beach, FL
2012 Feb. "Naples International" - Naples, FL
2012 May "Art of All Ages" - Comprehensive Child Development - Long Beach, CA
2012 Jan. "Miami International" - Miami, FL
2011 Dec "Red Dot Miami" - Miami, FL
2011 October "Art Chicago" - Chicago, IL
2011 Sept. "Emerge" - Washington, DC
2011 July/Aug./Sept. "St. John's Art Wall Project" -
June 2012 "Admiral's Club" - La Guardia Airport, N.Y., NY
awards and kudos

2011 "Artist of Distinction" -
2011 "Best in Show" & "1st Place" - SDWCA Juried Show - "Diversity" - Juried by Brooke Christy/Artist/Art Curator.
2011 "Finalist"
- ArtScene Today - "Coloring Outside The Lines" - Juried by Carey Clark - Artist
2011 June - 2nd Place - Contemporary Fine Art Int'l - June Art Challenge - "Colors On Your Palette"
2011 Artist Showcase Award
- Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
2011 "First Place" - Painting Division - "Elements - Art of the Earth/Wind/Fire & Sea" - Juried by Michael Monroe/Curator - Arts Council of the Conejo Valley - Thousand Oaks, CA
solo exhibitionsMay "ArcLight Cinemas" - Hollywood, CA
2011-12 Sept/Jan. 2012 "ArcLight Cinemas" - Beach Cities - (El Segundo), CA
2011 June-Sept "ArcLight Cinemas" - Pasadena, CA
2011 August "Caladan Gallery" - Cambridge, MA

artist statement
I create art because I must.
It is a necessary extension of my life.
It identifies and substantiates my existence.
It is my profile and my legacy.
I want to intrigue and entertain.
I want to initiate wonder and questions.
I want to communicate my thoughts, dreams and desires.
Most of all, I want to be
. - Ione Citrin
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