Anita Ekbird
"Anita Ekbird
20"H X 39"W X 25"D

Mixed Media

dear art afficianados
Hello. My name is Anita. Anita Ekbird. Years ago in the 1950's I was a famous movie star. My name then was Anita Ekberg. I looked different then than I do now. I had long blond hair, big breasts, and I must say I turned heads whenever I strolled around. I appeared in many movies here in the U.S. and Europe, and was considered "hot" for the times.

When I died I was reincarnated as this lovely bird. I always believed in reincarnation, but didn't know exactly how it worked. I still don't. All I know is I shut my eyes and when I opened them again everything was different. I couldn't imagine what had happened to me. I thought I had some strange disease. I stumbled toward a mirror, and there was this strange creature. Ye gads!

Needless to say it took me many years to accept myself as I am today, and to learn to live with my new body. My mind didn't change, just my appearance. I had to learn to walk, talk, eat and interact with all the regular human beings who now stare at me with curiosity and fear. I make the best of it. C'est la vie.

"A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament." - Oscar Wilde
selected exhibitions   group exhibitions

2011 June/July - 14th Annual Open - ISAP Int'l. - Juried by Betsy Dillard Stroud/ Artist - Santa Cruz, CA.
2011 June - June 2012 - "13th Annual Collage, Digital & Mixed Media Juried Int'l. Art Exhibition" - Juried by Laurence Bradshaw/Curator/Art Professor
2011 May/June - "Traversing Dimension" - Juried by Marjorie Kaye/Curator - www.caladangallery.com
2011 May/June - "California Open" - Long Beach Arts - Juried by Max Presnell/Artist
2011 May - April 2012 - "13th Annual Contemporary Art Juried Online Int'l." - selected Out of 114 Entries by Juror - Lawrence Bradshaw/Prof. of Art.
2011 May - National Orange Show All -California - Juried by David Lawrence/Chairman Art Dept & Dean of Humanities Div. @San Bernardino Valley College- San Bernardino, CA.
2011 May - "Isolation" - Online art competition - www.craftworkshop.org
2011 May - "Elements, Art of the Earth/Wind/Fire & Sea" - Juried by Michael Monroe/Curator - Arts Council of the Conejo Valley - Thousand Oaks, CA.
2011 May - "Art of All Ages" - Benefit for Comprehensive Child Development - Long Beach, CA.
2011 April/June - "Still Point III" - Juried by Christine Cote/Gallery owner - www. www.stillpoint.com
2011 April/May - "Hidden & Exposed" - Caladan Gallery - Marjorie Kaye-Juror www.caladangallery.com
2011 April-March 2012 - "13th Annual Judeo-Christian Juried Online Int'l. Art Exhibition - selected out of 150 entries - Juried by Laurence Bradshaw/Art Prof
2011 April/May - "Spring Fling" - Juried by Isabelle Lutterodt/Artist - Long Beach Arts - Long Beach, CA.

2011 "The Glass Coin" Virtual Magazine - http://theglasscoin.com/
2011 )Mad Magicks( - Emerging Visions #20 - Visionary Art Zine.
2011 Still Point Arts Quarterly - Summer, 2011 Issue.
2011 Creative Quarterly 23 - Summer Issue
2011 Arts Alive - March Issue - Online Art Publication- Artist Interview/pictures.
2011 Mandala Journal / April, 2011 issue - "Sisters"
2011 "Form & Color, The Book" 3 images - "Katmandu", "Tree-sa" - "Azteca".
2011 "Burner Magazine" March Issue - Music Issue 13 - "Broken Dreams" & "Where is Auntie 'Em?" - WWW.BURNERMAG.COM.


2012 March - ArtExpo - N.Y., N.Y.
2012 March - Red Dot - Miami, Fl.
2012 Feb. Palm Beach Contemporary - Palm Beach, Fl.
2012 Feb. - Naples International- Naples, Fl.
2012 May - "Art of All Ages" - Comprehensive Child Develop. - Long Beach, CA.
2012 Jan. - Miami International-Miami, Fl.
2011 Dec - Red Dot Miami - Miami, Fl.
2011 October - Art Chicago - Chicago, Il.
2011 Sept. - Emerge - Washington, D.C.
2011 July - Scope - Hamptons - Bridgehampton, N.Y. 2011 June - June 2011 - Admiral's Club - La Guardia Airport, N.Y., N.Y.
2011 June - Cement Studio - L.A., CA.
2011 June - Depot Art Show - Chatsworth, CA.
2011 May - Affordable Art Fair - N.Y., N.Y.
2011 May/June - Nova Art Gallery, Pasadena, CA.
2011 May/June - St. Johns Art Wall Project located at StJohnsArtWall.com. http://www.stjohnsartwall.com/share.php?id=351
2011 May/June - Malibu Art Assn. Invitational Art Exhibition - Juried by Robert Richart/Artist - Seaside Art Gallery - Pismo Beach, CA.
2011 May - "Reflections on the Harbor" - Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, CA.

selected exhibitions
2011 Artist Showcase Award - Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery.
2011 "First Place" - Painting Division - "Elements" - Art of the Earth/Wind/Fire & Sea" - Juried by Michael Monroe/Curator - Arts Council of the Conejo Valley - Thousand Oaks, CA.
2011 "Special Recognition" for the Upstream People Gallery - "13th Annual Contemporary Art Juried Online Int'l. Art Exhibition. "Tree-Sa" was Chosen out of 200 entries. Juried by Larry Bradshaw/Art Professor
2011 Finalist - Direct Art Magazine "Direct Art Volume 18".
2011 Special Recognition for the LightSpaceTime.Com "Botanicals" Competition. Juried by John R. Math/Pres.
2011 Runner-Up - Creative Quarterly 23 - Juried by editorial staff.
2012 March-May - ArcLight Cinemas - Hollywood, CA. 2011-12 Sept/Jan. 2012 - Arc Light Cinema - Beach Cities - (El Segundo), CA.
2011 June-Sept. - Arc Light Cinema - Pasadena, CA.
2011 September - Caladan Gallery - Cambridge, Mass.

I create art because I must.
It is a necessary extension of my life.
It identifies and substantiates my existence.
It is my profile and my legacy.
I want to intrigue and entertain.
I want to initiate wonder and questions.
I want to communicate my thoughts, dreams and desires.
Most of all, I want to be
. - Ione Citrin
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