"Bunny Love
40"H X 30"W

Oil on Paper

dear art afficianados
With the Easter/Passover holidays and the onset of the spring season I approached my easel and passionately turned out "Bunny Love". I also was inspired to write a little short story about it.

Alice placed the little bunny carefully next to the big one. Everything looked perfect. Everything was in it's place. It was created within a large paper box cut to resemble walls and a floor. Then she painstakingly hand sewed and stuffed the big bunny (and little one as well). The big bunny she named "Boo-Boo" and the little one hadn't been christened yet. The old toy buggy was found at a flea shop, and the walls and floors were covered with gift wrap.

With a sigh, Alice was satisfied. She wheeled in Laurie and placed her wheelchair by the little set. "Don't you love this, darling?" She gave Laurie a kiss and continued talking to her, while she pointed out little details on the bunny. Laurie's head dropped to one side, drool began to drop on her lace smock. It was time for her injection. "I've got something else planned for you, honey girl, wait 'til you see this. You're going to love it." Alice babbled all the way to Laurie's bedroom, smiling and chattering. She stroked her daughter's curly blond hair and continued telling her stories about the school she would soon go to, and all the little girls who were coming to her birthday party, and all the things that were never going to happen. With tears in her eyes and her voice choking up she said, "Just wait 'til tomorrow, baby, you're goin' to love it."

- Unknown Art Teacher
(But why should one follow them? The only reason they are
masters is that they didn't follow anybody!)
selected exhibitions   awards and kudos

2011 May/June - "California Open" - Long Beach Arts - Juried by Max Presnell/Artist
2011 May - April, 2012 - "13th Annual Contemporary Art Juried Online Int'l." - selected Out of 114 Entries by Juror - Lawrence Bradshaw/Prof. of Art.
2011 May - "Elements, Art of the Earth/Wind/Fire & Sea" - Juried by Michael Monroe/Curator - Conejo Valley Art Association - Thousand Oaks, CA.
2011 May - "Art of All Ages" - Benefit for Comprehensive Child Development - Long Beach, CA.
2011 April/June - "Still Point III" - Juried by Christine Cote/Gallery owner - www. www.stillpoint.com
2011 April/May - "Hidden & Exposed" - Caladan Gallery - Marjorie Kaye-Juror www.caladangallery.com
2011 April-March, 2012 - "13th Annual Judeo-Christian Juried Online Int'l. Art Exhibition - selected out of 150 entries - Juried by Laurence Bradshaw/Art Prof
2011 April/May - "Spring Fling" - Juried by Isabelle Lutterodt/Artist - Long Beach Arts - Long Beach, CA.
2011 April - "Dreams on Canvas"- Juried by Art Jury/Circle of Care Foundation Four Seasons Hotel - Westlake Village, CA.
2011 April/March-2012 - "13th Annual Faces Juried Online Int'l. Art Exhibition Juried by Laurence Bradshaw/Curator/Prof. of Art.
2011 March/April - Los Angeles Brain Bee Art Show ZZYZX Gallery - Juried by Amy Sweetwater/Art Professor - L.A. City College
2011 March/April - "Duplicity/Triplicity/Infinity" - Juried Online Int'l. Art Exhibition Juried by Marjorie Kaye/Director Caladan Gallery- www.caladangallery.com
2011 March/April - "Sound Art" - Juried by Susan Thampas/Opera Singer who Will Sing from the Inspiration She Receives from my painting, "Thoughts". Lark Gallery- The Loft - San Pedro, CA.
2011 March/April - "An Artists' Odyssey"" - Juried by Susan Schomberg/Gallery Owner - Malibu Art Assn. - Santa Monica, CA. Juried by Amy Sweetwater-Art Professor - L.A. City College


2011 Special Recognition for the LightSpaceTime.Com "Botanicals" Competition. Juried by John R. Math/Pres.
2011 Runner-Up - Creative Quarterly 23 - Juried by editorial staff.
2011 Merit Award - "Shahrzad" - Decorative Arts Int'l. - www.Artjury.com - Henry/Dir. 1st Institute of Arts, Lynn Fero/VP CBS, Charles DeBus/Art Prof - Southern Methodist University, Mark Gordon/Assoc. Prof. of Art/Barton College
2011 3rd Place - "Tsunami" - "Liquid" - Lightspacetime .com - online competition - Selected Out of 75 entries - Juried by John R. Math/Pres. of Light/space/time.com
group exhibitions
2012 March - ArtExpo - N.Y., N.Y.
2012 March - Red Dot - Miami, Fl.
2012 Feb - Palm Beach Contemporary - Palm Beach, Fl.
2012 Feb - Naples International- Naples, Fl.
2012 May - "Art of All Ages" - Comprehensive Child Develop. - Long Beach, CA.
2012 Jan - Miami International-Miami, Fl.
2011 Dec - Red Dot Miami - Miami, Fl.
2011 Sept - Emerge - Washington, D.C.
2011 July - Scope - Hamptons - Bridgehampton, N.Y. 2011 June - Depot Art Show - Chatsworth, CA
2011 May - Art Chicago - Chicago, Il.
2011 May - Affordable Art Fair - N.Y., N.Y.
2011 May - "Reflections on the Harbor" - Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, CA.

I create art because I must.
It is a necessary extension of my life.
It identifies and substantiates my existence.
It is my profile and my legacy.
I want to intrigue and entertain.
I want to initiate wonder and questions.
I want to communicate my thoughts, dreams and desires.
Most of all, I want to be
. - Ione Citrin
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