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The Factory
"The Factory"
48"H X 24"W - Mixed Media
Honorable Award/Diploma of Excellence - FEM9 Awards of Distinction - Juried By Andrea Pagnes/Art Critic, Peter Russu/Editor World of Art Magazine.

"The Factory" was once a bustling, productive place in the little town of Wikipedia, PA. Everyone, or almost everyone, was employed at The Factory in one capacity or another. So, it's fair to say that the entire town was dependent on Mr. Schultz and the manufacture and production of his lollipops known and advertised as "Schultzie Pops". Schultzie Pops came in all flavors, all colors and all sizes. They were distributed throughout the state and had just received an order from the White House for their Easter Egg Hunt. Mr. Schultz was waxing proud over this order and took an ad out in the Town Crier announcing that the Obama's were nuts over his suckers. If you haven't tried these delightful treats, go to www.schultziepops.com and order some. You'll soon be hooked on them.

awards   selected exhibitions
2010 Semi-Finalist (selected out of 2,500 artists worldwide) - 2010 Int'l. Juried Fine Art Painting Competition - Juried by Dr. Karen Roberts/PHD Art Professor/Teacher– Artists Haven Gallery - Fort Lauderdale, FL.

2010 Showcase Winner–Artslant Showcase Online Competition

2010 Finalist
- "Make Love Not War" - Artscenetoday.com Online Painting Competition.
group exhibitions
2010 June - "Instincts of Nature" - Affinity Art Gallery - West Hwd., CA

2010 June - Chatsworth's Annual Depot Art Show - Chatsworth, CA.

2010 May/June - LuLu's Restaurant - San Fernando Valley Art Club - Van Nuys, CA

2010 May - Calico Art Gallery - Yermo, CA.

2010 May - St. Johns Art Wall.com

2010 May - The Happening - Marina Del Rey, CA.

2010 May - Poetry on Canvas - Lindsay Dirx Brown Gallery - San Ramon, CA

2010 May - "Landscaped" - Graffia Gallery - Spring Lake, Michigan.

2010 June/July/August
- Gardens of the World, Thousand Oaks, CA

2010 September - Talking Stick - Santa Monica, CA.

2010 November - Indie Collective - Culver City, CA.
bibliogrophy 2010 Richeson School of Art & Gallery Exhibit Book for the Richeson 75 Still Life & Floral 2010 Competition Juried by Terry Howell Stanley/Artist & Committee from Jack Richeson & Co.

2010 9th Female Artist's Art Annual/Fem9- Juried by Andrea Pagnes/Art Critic, Peter Russu/Editor/Publisher - World of Art Magazine..

2010 May/August - "American Portraits" - Still Point - Online Juried by Christine Brooks Cote/Gallery Director

2010 July - "21st Int'l. Juried Exhibition" - Viridian Artists - Juried by Elisabeth Sussman/Curator-Whitney Museum, NYC.

2010 May/June - "Go Green" - Juried by Larissa Pillinsky/Artist - Lark Gallery - Long Beach, CA.

2010 May/June - "10th Int'l. Juried Show" - ArtJury.com Online - Juried by John B. Henry/Dir. 1st Institute of Arts, Lynn Fero/VP CBS, Charles DeBus/Art Prof - Southern Methodist University, Mark Gordon/Assoc. Prof. of Art/Barton College

2010 May 1, 2010 - April 30, 2011 - "12" Annual Contemporary Art Juried Online Int'l. Art Exhibition - Juried by Laurence Bradshaw/Curator/Professor of Art.

2010 May/June - "80th Annual Statewide Exchibit - Nature's Treasures Contemporary Landscape Painters of California - Santa Cruz Art Leage - Juried by Richard Mayhew/Artist - Santa Cruz, CA.

2010 May/June - "Contrast-Light-Energy" - Juried by Marjorie Kaye/Director/ Caladan Gallery - On-Line Exhibition.

2010 National Orange Show All-California - Juried by David Lawrence/Chairman Art Dept & Dean of Humanities Div. @San Bernardino Valley College- San Bernardino, CA.

2010 May - "Amazing Women" exhibition @ Women's City Club, Pasadena, CA., Juried by Kirk Smith/artist, Laura Malis/artist, Francine Kolcz/artist, Carolyn Smith/artist and Yvette-Janine Pardo/Artist - Pasadena, CA.

2 Year "lst & 2nd Biennials" - online - http://www. artoteque.com/online Biennial 1/Biennial 1_artists.htm & http:// www.artoteque.com/artotech/art-time2/ione_Citrin/ Ione Citrin.htm

2010 May/June
- Yearbook 2010 and Exhibition - Juried by Gustavo Alfonso Coletti, Poet/Writer/Director "Arte Y Culture" Magazine - Latino Art Museum - Pomona, CA.

2010 April/May - "The Art of Landscape 2010" - Juried by Frank Serrano/Artist - Topanga Canyon Bed and Breakfast/Art Gallery - Topanga Canyon, CA.


artist statement
I create art because I must.
It is a necessary extension of my life.
It identifies and substantiates my existence.
It is my profile and my legacy.
I want to intrigue and entertain.
I want to initiate wonder and questions.
I want to communicate my thoughts, dreams and desires.
Most of all, I want to be
. - Ione Citrin
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