Art in the Park
19"H X 39"W
- Watercolor

dear art afficianados
     What a wonderful experience to attend an open air art exhibition in a lovely park! I have attended many and exhibited in many, and always enjoyed the colorful interplay of artists, their creations and their audience. There is always a feeling of excitement and anticipation, as people discover pieces they love, (or hate). You see hungry artists representing their hard work and talent, and the collectors that make or break them. The atmosphere is thick with emotion, "Will she buy that for her den?", "That will not work in my dining room, I need something with more blue." And so on and so forth. The art and the people are great, and I sincerely recommend you attending whatever outdoor art festivals/shows are in your bailiwick. I have some solo shows coming up in the near future, and I'd love to meet you at one of them if at all possible. These solo shows are listed below.

awards   selected exhibitions
2010 Semi-Finalist (selected out of 2,500 artists worldwide) - 2010 Int'l. Juried Fine Art Painting Competition - Juried by Dr. Karen Roberts/PHD Art Professor/Teacher - Artists Haven Gallery - Fort Lauderdale, FL.

2010 Showcase Winner - Artslant Showcase Online Competition

2010 Finalist
- "Make Love Not War" - Artscenetoday.com Online Painting Competition.

group exhibitions
2010 June
- Chatsworth's Annual Depot Art Show - Chatsworth, CA.

2010 May - "Amazing Women" - The Women's City Club of Pasadena, Pasadena, CA.

2010 March/April - "Asian Inspired" - Doyon Gallery - Camarillo, CA.

2010 March - ArtLiaison - A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery - N.Y., N.Y.

2010 February/March - "Erotic Exotica" - New Puppy Gallery - L.A., CA.

2010 February/March - Art/Music Inspired By Love - Lark Gallery - Long Beach, CA Chatsworth's Annual Depot Art Show - Chatsworth, CA.
solo exhibitions

2010 June/July/August
- Gardens of the World, Thousand Oaks, CA

2010 September - Talking Stick - Santa Monica, CA.

2010 November - Indie Collective - Culver City, CA.
  2010-2012 2 Year "lst & 2nd Biennials" - online - http://www. artoteque.com/online Biennial 1/Biennial 1_artists.htm & http:// www.artoteque.com/artotech/art-time2/ione_Citrin/ Ione Citrin.htm

2010 May/June
- Yearbook 2010 and Exhibition - Juried by Gustavo Alfonso Coletti, Poet/Writer/Director "Arte Y Culture" Magazine - Latino Art Museum - Pomona, CA.

2010 April/May
- "Texas National 2010" - Juried by Judy Pfaff/Artist - Stephen F. Austin State Univ., Nacogdoches, Texas.

2010 April/May
- 2010 Int'l. Juried Fine Art Painting Competition - Juried by Dr. Karen Roberts, PHD/Art Professor - Artists Haven Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

2010 April/May
- "Abstractions" - Juried by Diana Lo Schiavo/Artist - Long Beach Arts Long Beach, CA.

2010 March/April/May - "The Painting Exhibition" - Still Point Online Painting Exhibition - Juried by Christine Brooks Cote/Gallery Director

2010 March/April - "2010 Open Juried Fine Art Show" - Juried by Marsha Gertenbach/ Artist - Sylvia White/Gallery owner - Bob Privitt/Artist

2010 Feb/March
- "Reaching Inside" - Online Exhibition - Lark Gallery - Juried byLarissa Pillinsky/Artist.

2010 Feb/March - "Geometric Abstraction" - Still Point Gallery - Online ExhibitionJuried by Christine Brooks Cote/Gallery Director

2010 Feb/March
- "St. John's Digital Artwall" - St. John's Hospital - Santa Monica.Ca. http://stjohnsartwall.com/gallery - or http://stjohnsartwall.com/share.php?Id=360 Juried by Maria Koosed/Curator & Culver City Arts Commissioner.

"Work is my joy...work is my therapy. I don't know anybody who loves to work as much as I do."
- Robert Rauchenberg

artist statement
I create art because I must.
It is a necessary extension of my life.
It identifies and substantiates my existence.
It is my profile and my legacy.
I want to intrigue and entertain.
I want to initiate wonder and questions.
I want to communicate my thoughts, dreams and desires.
Most of all, I want to be
. - Ione Citrin
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With care,
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