Acrylic on Canvas
46"H X 36"W
2009 Award of Excellencefor Arabian Night “9th Int’l. Juried Show” – Juried Art Salon – Online-Juried by Lynn Fero/ VP-CBS, Charles DeBus/Art Prof. SouthernMethodist University - Mark Gordon/Assoc. Prof. of Art-Barton College.
2009 First Place – “Russian Art Week” Int’l. Exhibition – St. Petersburg, Russia
2009 Second Place – “Russian Art Week” Int’l. Exhibition- Moscow, Russia
2009 Honorable Mention – Art Buzz, The 2010 Collection – Oils
2009 Honorable Mention – Simi Valley 2009 Juried Art show – Simi Valley, CA.
2009 FINALIST-"Women & Children First"-Artscenetoday.com - Online Competition
2nd Place - ArtCompete.com "First Fall 2009 Contemporary Art Online Exhibition", Juried by a panel of Professional Artists.
2009 Honorable Mention “MOST CREATIVE” – “Fish Follies” Juried by Mike Webber/Artist – Cordova Museum - Cordova, AK.
2009 Second Place – Westlake Village Art Guild – “Open Juried Awards” Newbury Park, CA.
2009 Third Place – Fredericksburg Center for the Arts Nat’l. show “Powerful & Fragile Earth” – Fredericksburg, VA.
2009 Banner Award – Whistle Stop Gallery – Granite City, Il.
2009 Honorable Mention in Acrylics & Bronze Sculpture– “Art Buzz, The 2009 Collection” – Alan Rowe Editor

TheFollowing Awards were for American Art Awards Online 2009, “Keeping TheDream”, Juried by Votes from Various Participating Art Galleries in theU.S.

First Place - American Art Awards Online - Animal Category for "Fish Clams, and Eels, Oh My!"
4th Place - American Art Awards Online - Watercolor Category for "Fish, Clams and Eels, Oh My!"
3rd Place - American Art Awards Online - Abstract Category for "Cosmos"
3rd Place - American Art Awards Online - Art Brut Category for "Spectrum"
2nd Place - American Art Awards Online - Erotic Category for "Spectrum"
5th Place - American Art Awards Online - Fantasy Landscape Category for "Neverland"
Finalist - American Art Awards Online - Floral Category for "A Swirl of Roses"

  august 2009 featured art Neverland

     Yes, this piece was stimulated by all thecommotion over the recent demise of Michael Jackson. May he finallyrest in peace.
      I have never visited“Neverland”, so I dreamt up what my “Neverland” would be…A fantasyworld where everything is beautiful, everything is peaceful, everythingis easy…you know, “Neverland”. Like Michael Jackson we all search forour own “Neverland’s”, hopefully this painting will put you in adreamland for a few moments where you can relax and find beauty andpeace.
      I wish you your “Neverland” for the coming year, and hope all your wishes are realized.

“It is better to paint from memory, for thus the work will be yourown; your sensations, your individuality and your soul will triumphover that of the amateur.” – Paul Gaugin.
biblio   group
2009 - "Art Buzz, The 2010 Collection"
  2010 Jan/Feb. – “Paris/America” - America's Museum – Doral, Fl.
solo   2010 Jan. – “Explosive Abstracts” – Poetry on Canvas – Pleasanton, CA.
2009 Dec. - Poway Center for the Performing Arts - Poway, CA   2009 Dec. – Holiday Art Show – Lark Gallery/Asto Museum, L.A., CA.
2009 Dec. – Malibu Art Assn. “Members Appreciation Show” – Pacific Palisades, CA.
2009 Dec. – “Open Call for Art – Buy The Running Foot” – Orange County Center For Contemporary Art – Santa Ana, CA.
2009 Oct 09'/Jan 2010. - Space 237 – Toledo, Ohio.

selected thanks

2010 Jan/Dec
. – “12th Annual All Media Juried Online Int’l. Art Exhibition” – Juried by Laurence Bradshaw/Art Professor-Univ. of Nebraska, Omaha.

2009 Oct/Dec.- "St. John's Digital Artwall - St. John's Hospital - Santa Monica,CA. - juried by Maria Koosed /Curator & Culver City Arts Commissioner.

2009 Nov/Dec. – SFVAC “Viva L’Art” – 2009 Fall Juried Exhibit - Juried by David C. Gallup/Artist.

2009 Nov/Dec
. – “9th Int’l. Juried Show” – Juried Art Salon – Online - Juried by Lynn Fero/ VP-CBS, Charles DeBus/Art Prof. Southern Methodist Univ., Mark Gordon/Assoc. Prof. of Art-Barton College.

2009 Nov/Dec. – Int’l. Soc. Of Acrylic Painters – Second ISAP open online International – Juried by Maxine Masterfield/Artist

2009 Nov/Dec.- Palos Verdes Library District - "Art In Our Library" - Juried byMichiel Daniel / Artist / Professor @ Long Beach City College.

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Ione’s art has shown nationally since 1998 when, after years of worldtravel, a successful television, radio, theatre and film career in theperforming arts, she decided to focus her richly diverse talents on thevisual arts.

Ione’s artistic expression, creativity, and passion for communicationhave resulted in numerous awards for her painting, sculpture, mixedmedia, and assemblage. Her work has also been featured in severalimportant publications. Ione maintains an extensive exhibition schedulein juried, non-juried, and invitational arts venues.