2009 FINALIST - "Women & Children First" - Artscenetoday.com - Online Competition

2009 HONORABLE MENTION - Simi Valley 2009 Juried Art show - Simi Valley, CA

The Following Awards were for American Art Awards Online 2009, “Keeping The Dream”, Juried by Votes from Various Participating Art Galleries in the U.S.

2nd Place - ArtCompete.com "First Fall 2009 Contemporary Art Online Exhibition", Juried by a panel of Professional Artists.
First Place - American Art Awards Online - Animal Category for "Fish Clams, and Eels, Oh My!"
4th Place - American Art Awards Online - Watercolor Category for "Fish, Clams and Eels, Oh My!"
3rd Place - American Art Awards Online - Abstract Category for "Cosmos".
3rd Place - American Art Awards Online - Art Brut Category for "Spectrum"
2nd Place - American Art Awards Online - Erotic Category for "Spectrum"
5th Place - American Art Awards Online - Fantasy Landscape Category for "Neverland".
Finalist - American Art Awards Online - Floral Category for "A Swirl of Roses"
2009 - "Art Buzz, The 2010 Collection"
2009 - Decor Magazine - Featured Artist - October '09
solo art shows
2009 Dec. - Poway Center for the Performing Arts - Poway, CA.

selected exhibitions
2009 Sept/Oct.- Andrew's Art Museum, Andrews Valley, N.C.

2009 Oct. - Beckstrand & Walker Galleries - Off The Wall - Palos Verdes Art.

2009 Oct/Nov. – LARK Galleries/Phantom Gallery – Long Beach, CA.

2009 Nov/Dec - "Miniatures 2009 - Portraits" - The Art Studio & Gallery, Cut Bank, Montana.

2009 Oct/Jan 10' - Space 237 - Toledo, Ohio
selected exhibitions

2009 Sept/Oct. - "2009 Fall Exhibition" - Valley Artists Guild - Juried by Ramela Abbamontian/Art Professor. Sherman Oaks, CA.

2009 Sept/Oct. - Montana Watercolor Society - "Watermedia 2009" - Juried by Don Andrews/Artist - Hockaday Art Museum/Kalispell, Montana.

2009 Sept/Oct. - "First Fruit XIII", Juried by Women of Visions, Inc., Sweetwater Center for the Arts, Sewickley, PA.

2009 Sept/Oct. - "Bold Expressions 53rd Annual Int'l. Open" - Juried by David Lowenberg/Artist & Gloria Burt/Arts Activist/Arts Event Producer.

2009 Oct/Nov. – Simi Valley Art Assn., 2009 Juried Art Show – Juried by Judy Klement/Artist/Teacher – Simi Valley, CA.

2009 Oct/Nov. - George School "Eyes on the Earth" Exhibition - Juried by Barbara Kilpatrick/Artist, Stevenl Perloff/Artist, Derek Bernstein/Artist - Newtown, PA

2009 Oct/Nov. - "St. John's Digital Artwall - St. John's Hospital - Santa Monica,CA. - juried by Maria Koosed /Curator & Culver City Arts Commissioner.

2009 Nov. - Still Point Art Gallery - "Autimnal Tints" - Online Art Exhibition -Juried by Christine Brooks Cote/Gallery Director

2009 Nov/Dec. - Palos Verdes Library District - "Art In Our Library" - Juried by Michiel Daniel / Artist / Professor @ Long Beach City College.

ione citrin

Mixed Media on Paper
40"H X 30"W
American Art Awards - Art Brut Category - 3rd Place
dear art afficianados
I have a visionary quest. A desire to have people see the world as I see it. So I use paint and bronze as my tools to recreate a little of what I've seen and experienced throughout my long life and extensive travels/travails.

“Spectrum” developed in a magical way. I first drew an anatomical figure and then surrounded it with various pieces of collage and transfers. The collage process was a step by step, trial and error of putting different scraps of pictures of scenes and people, etc. surrounding the main figure until it pleased my eye. I finalized the collage with a hand made steel frame which suited the entire feeling. This piece has always been an “attention getter”, and is one of my favorite creations.

"Every artist dips his brush into his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures"
- Henry Ward Beechem -

ione citrin

If you'd like to see a new one minute video of my work,
click on this link
and turn your sound up.

With care,

ione citrin
Ione Citrin, www.artbyione.com