Ione Citrin - Contemporary Abstract Artist, Painter, Mixed Media Collage, Bronze Sculpture
Ione Citrin - Contemporary Abstract Artist, Painter, Mixed Media Collage, Bronze Sculpture
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contemporary artist
Ione is an avant garde artist whose artistic expression takes fantastic shape through her diverse oil and watercolor paintings, bronze sculptures, found object collages and mixed media assemblages. Her contemporary paintings and sculptures range from abstract to realistic to impressionistic - all visionary interpretations from her imaginative soul.

"I Dream, therefore I am"

"I create art because I must.
It is a necessary extension of my life.
It identifies and substantiates my existence.
It is my profile and my legacy.
I want to intrigue and entertain.
I want to initiate wonder and questions.
I want to communicate my thoughts, dreams and desires.
Most of all, I want to be."

Ione uses only one name but a variety of styles to soothe her wild imagination. A native of Chicago, she is a former television star and commercial voice-over artist. Now she wins awards and sells her creativity through her hands instead of through her larynx. Her art is as original as she is - bold, colorful and highly decorative.

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"Art by Ione: Recent Works by Ione Citrin"

BOOK release Oct 28, 2010
Sunbury Press has released a book featuring Los Angeles-based fine artist Ione Citrin. It is available wherever books are sold.

The book presents Ione's work in four categories: Abstract, Figures, Landscapes and Sculpture. Ione is both prolific and diverse. Her styles vary from surreal expressionism to soft impressionism to realism.
Sunbury Press review

BUY direct from Ione! $29.95

Ione CItrin book Interview with Ione - clink link, or view pdf file
An Interview with Ione Citrin
by David M. Cambridge [view or download pdf file]

Communication through Contemporary Artwork by Ione Citrin from DiscoveredArtists on Vimeo.

NEW!! METAL MADNESS - a series of enamel on metal abstract paintings by Ione Citrin.

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