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Ione - Contemporary Artist, Painter - Animal Gallery: Birds/Cats/Horses - oil and pastel paintings

Ione Citrin video showing her representational artworks and paintings

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:: LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin.

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NEW!! The Midnight Messenger

24" high x 36" wide
oil on canvas

The Midnight Messenger original oil painting
The Midnight Messenger" - This was not exactly what Marla studied for in college. She was going for her Masters Degree in Theatre Arts, but her parents couldn't fund her anymore. They lost a lot in the financial downturn a few years ago, and so everyone in the family was cutting back. When she saw the ad on Craig's List, she knew she'd be perfect for the job. They wanted someone who was an experienced horsewoman, an expert rider and handler of horses, and someone who would look good in a special suit that came with a long cape. "Willing to begin work at midnight for approximately 3 hours, or until the deliveries were done" the ad stated.

"Sure, why not? I can do it", she thought. The pay was good and the work didn't interfere with her classes at UCLA. She was an expert horsewoman having ridden since she was a child, and she was still riding on a weekly basis.

She was hired immediately, as soon as she swished in on her long legs and flipped her pony tail around.

She reported in to the stable every night after midnight, and finished when she had dropped off the last envelope. Sometimes she only had one packet to deliver, so she could be through within the hour. Her territory was west Los Angeles. She would cantor throughout Westwood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air; wherever the package was addressed, and drop it near the front door or under the front gate. It was a bright red package with a little battery driven hooter that buzzed every minute until it was picked up. No problem with dogs, they avoided the sound the package made, and the buzzing stopped when the package was unwrapped. The recipients were notified beforehand that the delivery would be made, specifying the date and time of delivery, so they were ready for pick up.

Marla was thrilled with the job. Her parents were skeptical. Her friends were amazed and jealous. She was paid on an hourly basis and could work whenever she was called upon, which usually was 4 nights a week. Her rides caused quite a blast all over the West side, and she received a lot of publicity. She was known as "The Messenger", and newspaper and magazine articles were delighted to write about her unusual job. She could be seen galloping alongside the traffic on the streets of her area, her cape spread out behind her, waving to the cars and pedestrians as she sped by. She loved it, and became known as the "Midnight Messenger".

Long after the company folded, she set up her own messenger company, continuing her happy rides throughout the area, waving and smiling to passersby.

NEW!! Topiary Treasures

22 1/2" high x 30" wide

Topiary Treasures animals landscape watercolor painting

"Topiary Treasures" - At night these bushes come alive and run around the park getting their exercise, feeding on butterflies and trying to mate with each other. I know this because I like to come here after dark and watch them. I climb out of the window from my mental hospital and run a couple of miles to get to this wonderful park to play with these special animal/bushes. If you'd like to join me it's on the Yellow Brick Road two stops past the candy shop. I'm there every night. Why not come and play with me?

NEW!! Puss N' Boots

11" x 14"

Puss N' Boots animal painting

"Puss 'N Boots" - I have two kittens. Each one is cuter than the other. They are brothers and do everything together. I caught them one morning huddled next to my husband's work shoes and made a quick sketch to remind me of the situation so I could repeat it with pastels on paper. Their names are Shu Shu and Precious.

NEW!! Golden Boy

30" x 21 1/2"
watercolor on paper
Golden Boy, animal horse watercolor
"Golden Boy" - I used to live on a ranch just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. The ranch was on a Hopi Indian Reservation, in a town called Laveen. In order for me to attend school, I rode "Golden Boy". He was my faithful steed and the only way I could get to and from the one room Indian school where all grades were stuffed together and nobody talked to me 'cause I was the only white kid in the class. "Golden Boy" and the other animals on the ranch were my only friends. I wish I still had "Golden Boy". I smile and remember him fondly whenever I look at his portrait.

NEW!! Squabble

14 1/2" x 10 3/4"
watercolor on paper
Squabble, animal bird watercolor

"Squabble" - Harold and Imelda were just not getting along anymore. Particularly in the morning. Every little thing would set one of them off. Neither would relent, doing so would relinquish power and they both needed to "save face". So, the morning squabbles continued until they eventually tired and had breakfast. The meal of grubs was delicious to them and seemed to calm the atmosphere between them. Food is a great pacifier; that's why there's so many overweight birds in the colony.

NEW!! Breakfast

14 1/2" x 10 3/4"
watercolor on paper
Breakfast, animal bird watercolor

"Breakfast" - Every morning promptly at dawn Selma would head out and hunt for her chick's breakfast. Fortunately they were not picky eaters, so just about anything she fed them was immediately gulped down with much commotion for more. They were growing larger every day, their demands for bigger meals were vociferous. Like the good mother she was, she would just shrug her wings, squeak "C'est la vie" and head out for more grub for her babies.

NEW!! Crystal

25" x 20"

Crystal, animal painting, pastel

"Crystal" - I have a beautiful crystal vase near a window. Sometimes the light shows through it and it is quite beautiful. I captured this "happening", but added a white dove to further romanticize the piece. I still have the vase, but the bird never materialized other than in my imagination.

NEW!! Fowl Play

22" x 30"
Fowl Play, animal watercolor

"Fowl Play" - I love to eat roast goose at holiday time. I also love pate de foie gras, or chopped goose liver. I really like looking at geese too, but most of all, I love an occasional "goose". Look at the oil painting, "Dark Eyes", in the Still Life Gallery, thereีs a nice goose in there too. Honk, honk!


14" x 11"
pastel painting
Trigger, animal pastel

Morning Run

24" x 26"
oil on canvas
Morning Run, animal and figure painting, oil on canvas

NEW!! Pony Express

24 1/2" x 18 1/4"

Pony Express, animals painting, pastel painting

"Pony Express" - I love miniature horses and as a child dreamed of owning one. I sometimes fantasize about owning one now were I to have a back yard big enough. But it at this stage of the game, it is only a pipe dream. Because I adore these animals and come from Chicago, Illinois where the winters look like this, I was driven to paint this scene. I should call this "Wishful Thinking".


36" x 30"
pastel on paper
Gweniviere, animal and figure painting, pastel on paper

Bunny Love

40" x 30"
acrylic on paper
Bunny Love, animal painting, acrylic on paper

"Bunny Love" - Alice placed the little bunny carefully next to the big one. Everything looked perfect. Everything was in its place. It was created within a large paper box cut to resemble walls and a floor. Then she painstakingly hand sewed and stuffed the big bunny (and little one as well). The big bunny she named "Boo-Boo" and the little one hadn't been christened yet. The old toy buggy was found at a flea shop, and the walls and floors were covered with gift wrap.

With a sigh, Alice was satisfied. She wheeled in Laurie and placed her wheelchair by the little set. "Don't you love this, darling?" She gave Laurie a kiss and continued talking to her, while she pointed out little details on the bunny.

Laurie's head dropped to one side, drool began to drop on her lace smock. It was time for her injection. "I've got something else planned for you, honey girl, wait 'til you see this. You're going to love it." Alice babbled all the way to Laurie's bedroom, smiling and chattering. She stroked her daughter's curly blond hair and continued telling her stories about the school she would soon go to, and all the little girls who were coming to her birthday party, and all the things that were never going to happen.

With tears in her eyes and her voice choking up she said, "Just wait 'til tomorrow, baby, you're goin' to love it."

Pinto Pony

18" x 24"
watercolor and collage

LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin.

Pinto Pony, animal painting, watercolor and collage


20" x 30"
acrylic on board
Stampede, animal painting, acrylic on board


26" high x 30" wide
watercolor and stones on paper

LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin.

Bird, animal painting, watercolor and stones on paper

Cherry Blossom Time

20" x 16" oval
oil on canvas

Cherry Blossom Time animals original oil on canvas painting


28" x 34"
mixed media on wood
Cheetah, animal painting, mixed media on wood

"Cheetah" - This piece was created by my love for animals, all animals, exotic, wild, domestic, etc. I had the opportunity to see Cheetahs in the wild in a game reserve in Kenya, Africa. It was early in the morning, and they were clearly seen in the tall grass. A family of Cheetahs, just sat there and stared back at me. "Wow", what a thrill!

Anyway, this wonderful cat always thrilled and excited me, and so I decided to depict this feline running, something the Cheetah is known for, and my idea turned into this mixed media piece made of handmade paper, acrylic paint, jewelry findings, and etc.

I hope my "Cheetah" pleases your eye as well.


14" x 13" x 23"
mixed media sculpture
JuniorJunior, animal mixed media sculptureJunior - another viewJunior - another view, animal mixed media sculpture


24" x 28" x 8"
mixed media
Blowfish mixed media

The Creature

36" circle
mixed media
The Creature, mixed media

Paper Tiger

30" x 40"
watercolor on paper

LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin.

Paper Tiger, original animal watercolor on paper
"Paper Tiger" - "We can never have enough of nature. We need the tonic of wildness - to wade sometimes in marshes where the bittern and the meadow-hen lurk, and hear the booming of the snipe; to smell the whispering sedge where only some wilder and more solitary fowl builds her nest, and the mink crawls with its belly close to the ground.

At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be infinitely wild, unsurveyed and unfathomed by us because unfathomable. We can never have enough of nature". - Henry David Thoreau.

NEW!! Fish, Clams and Eels, Oh My!

22" x 28"
Fish, Clams and Eels, Oh My!, animal watercolor
"Fish, Clams and Eels, Oh My!" - They were all new hatchlings exploring the warm waters where they were spawned. They were enjoying their new life and exploring the strange wonderful world. Everything surprised them. Everything amazed them. When the little fish came upon a clam, the sight alarmed her and she bubbled, "Oh my!" When the Eel investigated the half-opened clam and the clam snapped shut, he said "Oh my!" and when the eel accidentally touched a jellyfish, he screeched "oh my!" It was an "oh my!" kinda' day in the undersea world off the Florida coast.

Something Fishy

18" x 24"
watercolor and collage
Something Fishy, animal watercolor and collage


24" x 28"
watercolor and collage on paper
Subterranea, animal painting, watercolor and collage on paper

Leapin' Lizards

18" x 24"
watercolor and collage
Leapin' Lizards, animal watercolor and collage


12" x 26"
oil on canvas
Peacock, original animal painting, oil on canvas


18" x 7" x 18"
bronze sculpture
Antar - view 1Antar - bronze sculpture, view 1Antar - view 2Antar - bronze sculpture, view 2

Jump For Joy

28" x 27" x 6"
bronze sculpture

A nude female and her trained stallion jump rope.

Jump For Joy, animal bronze sculpture


23" x 24" x 10"
original bronze on marble sculpture

A wonderful bust of a horse whose forelock and mane are all flowers.

Seabiscuit,animal  bronze and marble sculpture
"Seabiscuit" - A wonderful bust of a horse whose forelock and mane are all flowers.

Set Free - view 1Set Free - bronze sculpture, view 1Set Free - view 2Set Free - bronze sculpture, view 2Set Free - view 3
Set Free - bronze sculpture, view 3
NEW!! Set Free
"Set Free"

24 1/2" high x 7" wide x 11 1/2" deep
bronze sculpture

"Set Free" - Arola was selected from the group of maidens for this special duty. To go to the top of the mountain and release the bird of freedom. This act symbolized the ending of a long bitter war with a neighboring tribe. This honorable gesture was bestowed upon an exceptional maiden, who the tribal leaders felt was an example of perfect womanhood, possessing beauty, intelligence, kindness and respect for her elders.

Arola followed all the directions her mighty chief gave her perfectly, and after the bird left her hands and flew off into the sunset, she called out to her personal god and guided her horse off the cliff to sanctify the ceremony.

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