Ione Citrin - Contemporary Ethnic Artist: African, Black, Afro-American, Tribal, Native oil and pastel paintings
Ione Citrin - Contemporary Ethnic Artist, Painter, Mixed Media Collage, Bronze Sculpture
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contemporary ethnnic artist
Ione - Contemporary Ethnic Artist, Painter - African, Black, Afro-American, Tribal, Native oil and pastel paintings

Ione Citrin video showing her representational artworks and paintings

Click image to view video of Ione Citrin showing her African artworks (will load full size in a new browser window).  Note that this is a 2.7MB .wmv file and thus requires Windows Media Player (which is installed by default on all Windows machines).

:: LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin.

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NEW!! Brothers

14" high x 11" wide

Brothers african original pastel on paper painting

NEW!! Birdie

14" high x 11" wide

Birdie african original pastel on paper painting

NEW!! Africanz

16" h x 16" w
mixed media

Africanz mixed media

NEW!! Prophecy

20" high x 17" wide
mixed media

Prophecy mixed media
"Prophecy" - "They" didn't realize that "It" had finally happened. Their elders had predicted this event generations ago. The tribe had songs and dances telling of the explosion of the mountain and all the ensuing tragedies. Every year they would pray and think about making certain preparations in case this happened; but they never did. They really didn't know how, and had such a difficult life providing for themselves and their families, that anything extra for something so far fetched seemed a waste of good time. So they lived their daily lives...birthing, dying, laughing, crying, and looking with wonder at the huge mountain towering off in the distance. Every sundown and every morning at sunrise they would honor their gods with prayer, and always within the prayers were chants to save them from the evil volcano.

This afternoon, hell opened up and the devil finally got his way. The volcano erupted and a huge spew of flame and ash began to cover their beloved island. They ran, they knew not where, frantically searching for some safe place. However, there was no "safe place" on this island. Some fell, exhausted, and waited for death. Others became delirious running in circles. It was just a matter of time until the flames and molten lava would cover them and their island. The prophecy of their ancestors was finally coming true. All were doomed.

What they didn't know was that their small disaster was just a minute example of what the entire world was simultaneously experiencing. Just as predicted, "The button" had been pressed and life on this planet would never be the same. The volcanic eruption was only one small disaster in this tiny area of the world. The rest of earth was convulsing, erupting and collapsing from within. People all over the earth were scrambling to safety. The world was in chaos. The prophets were true. Unfortunately.


22" x 28"

Bracelets african original pastel
"Bracelets" - Shadae had hit it "big time". Out of the back woods of Mississippi to the bright lights of New York City, she had made her mark. This was one pose the photographers loved. Anything that showed that long, lanky body with a sophisticated expression brought her big bucks. The most sought-after model from the Darwin Modeling Agency. Yes, that was her all right.

She walked away from the mirror and her dreams, lay back on the bed, wound the rubber tie around her long beautiful arm, picked up the full syringe and injected more of the "stuff" to make her dream really come true.


28" x 24"
pastel on paper

Ayesha african original pastel on paper painting

"Ayesha" - "Why did she have to paint her face that way? Why does she have to look like that? Why can't she be normal like all the other girls?" Her mother thought as she packed Misty's clothes for the rehab center stay. "What did I do wrong? I gave her everything I didn't have."

Tears started to flow down her cheeks. Misty's mother had almost given up. Her only daughter was uncontrollable and now for the fourth time was going to get clean at another rehabilitation center. This center guaranteed her that they could get her off crack and keep her clean, but it would take a lot of work and a long time. Mary didn't care what it cost or how long it took. She was a devoted mother and ready to do anything to help her addicted daughter find herself and get a life.

"Almost ready, dear?" Mary called out. When she heard no answer she walked to her daughter's bedroom, slowly opened the door and peeked in. "Misty, it's time to go." Silence. Then she noticed the bedroom window open and realized Misty had jumped out the window and run away.

Mary lay down on her daughter's bed. She held Misty"s nightgown to her chest and cried soft miserable tears, knowing all her efforts and love were not enough to solve her daughter's problems. "Where did I go wrong?" she thought. "I gave her everything".

Mary lay there for hours slowly accepting the reality that she could not save her daughter's life herself. Her daughter had to take the first step, and she obviously wasn't doing it. The acceptance of this fact was a bitter pill to swallow. Mary slowly got up and left Misty's bedroom closing the door softly behind her. She knew she would hear from Misty again in some horrible situation that she would have to rescue her from. It was inevitable. There was nothing more at this point she could do.

Akeem #1

26" x 30"
pastel on paper

Akeem #1 african original pastel on paper painting

Alter Ego

19" x 25"

Alter Ego african original pastel painting
"Alter Ego" - We all have an alter ego. in some it can take over completely. In this girl's case, (name withheld for security purposes), she is totally involved with her other self - so much so she sometimes cannot deal with her life on a daily basis without having her "better half" take over.

Lately she has been trying to separate herself from this "alter ego", and has been visiting a psychiatrist to help. So far she hasn't been able to wrest herself free, and her "alter ego" is getting very angry about her attempts to separate.

Who will win? Only the future will tell. She is on the right path with her call for help and her visits to the shrink, but possibly she needs an exorcist?


40" x 30"
pastel on paper

Boots african original pastel on paper painting


20" x 16"
pastel on board

Mulu african original pastel on board painting

Pipe Dreams

24" x 18"
pastel & sand

Pipe Dreams african original pastel & sand


28" x 22"
pastel on paper

Reflections african original pastel on paper


28" x 22"
pastel on paper

Sisters african original pastel on paper


24" x 18"
pastel on pastelboard

Trilogy african original pastel on pastelboard

Fish Girl

24" x 18"
pastel on paper

Fish Girl african original pastel on paper
"Fish Girl" - I would just love to be able to walk around with a freshly caught fish on my head! What a joy to live in a society where this would not be looked upon as "strange"! In a little coastal village in West Africa I came upon this happy girl and snapped her picture as one of my mementos of the various trips I have taken to Africa.

And, when I got home, looking at this picture, naturally, I thought about putting a fish on my head and going out for a stroll, but instead got out my pastels and painted "Fish Girl". (I do occasionally wear strange hats, which satisfies my need for unconventional headgear. And, when I get smiles from passersby, I nod my head back and smile just like "Fish Girl").


32" x 24"
pastel/handmade paper

Matilda african original pastel/handmade paper

Apples and Oranges

26" x 30"
pastel on paper

LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin.

Apples and Oranges african original pastel on paper


16" x 12"
oil on paper

Ursaline african oil on paper painting
"Ursaline" - Ursaline was the child of my neighbor's maid. I watched her grow up into a beautiful young woman. She was a sweet as she was beautiful. When my friend sold her house and moved away, Ursaline and her mother decided to return to their native land...Haiti. A week later the devastating earthquake hit this tiny country, and thoughts of Ursaline and her mother ran through my mind.

I've watched the news and scanned all the newspapers and magazines looking for their faces with no luck. I have no way of getting in touch with them. I wouldn't know how. I guess I'm one of millions of concerned folks who watch the horrors of the terrible earthquake without knowing the fate of their loved ones. Why does tragedy always hit the poorest and most vulnerable?


28" x 20"
pastel and collage

Africa african pastel and collage

The Fox

15" x 20"
oil on canvas

The Fox oil on canvas painting

Masai Warrior

24" x 18"
Masai Warrior african pastel painting

Music Man

24" x 18"

Music Man african pastel painting

The Hornblower

40" x 30"
pastel on paper

The Hornblower african pastel on paper painting

The Tribe

36" x 30"
pastel on paper

The Tribe african pastel on paper painting


18" x 16"
oil on paper

Laila, portrait painting, oil on paper

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